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Important Setup Tips for Advanced SystemCare

A great value, Advanced SystemCare (we prefer the Ultimate version) will do a complete optimization of your PC and Internet. In so doing, it also optimizes your time by saving you lots of it. And not just for the exhilarating first few hours that you notice the new speediness of your computer and everything you do online, but for the remaining time (perhaps years) that you will be using your current setup.

Advanced SystemCare Setup Tips

If you haven't already downloaded the program, please choose one of the Advanced SystemCare version options first and then return here to learn how to quickly setup the important optimization tasks.

OK, you've got the exceptional Advanced SystemCare optimizer, now it's time to begin optimizing your PC and Internet. The steps below will show you our favorite features and the easy steps to automatic optimization. Feel free to browse through the program to check out all of the amazing features and vast array of other options included.
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Settings1 - Quick Settings (Extreme Optimization)
It's a little surprising that one of the most important optimization routines within Advanced SystemCare are behind the "Quick Settings" link near the bottom of the opening screen. Simply click the "Quick Settings" link and turn on the various optimization routines. You can click "Activate all functions" to quickly choose all of them. Here's a more detailed look at the options.

Optimize PerformancePerformance: Easily the most important optimization routines are included within this section. The Active Optimize option will accelerate your computer speed constantly by safely and continually optimizing your system resources on the fly. Gives an incredible performance boost and is well worth activating. The Performance Monitor displays a very useful gadget on the desktop. It gives you easy access to clear your RAM manually if you feel your PC is getting sluggish or you want to start with a fresh RAM base before starting a PC game or a photo editor. Also contains a quick menu to shutdown, restart, or log off your PC.

Ultimate TuneupThe Ultimate Tuneup feature will give additional optimization to improve computer and Internet speed. And it delivers big time. Choose the Computer and Network Optimization selections that apply to you and your system will be adjusted and fully optimized based on the unique characteristics of your current hardware configuration. Advanced SystemCare does a great job of personalizing your optimization for your particular computer and your current needs.

Automatic OptimizingAutomatic: The automatic settings will help to continually optimize your PC and Internet. The AutoCare will do maintenance tasks during time that your computer is idle such as your coffee break. The AutoClean function is more of a privacy feature, but cleaning any data off your hard drive will essentially improve performance. The AutoUpdate feature is important to keep the program up to date and compatible with the most recent Windows changes and updates.

Other Options:

Security: Full Detection will protect your PC from malicious code that tries to steal precious resources on your computer. Surfing Protection - I am very careful about which web sites I visit, so I don't really need this on. If your new to the Internet, or an advanced user who just wants to feel safer, you may want to turn it on. If you turn it on, you will need to restart your web browser to initiate the protection.

Clean: The Registry Deep Clean option will allow the program to do a much more thorough cleaning of the Windows registry. I would recommend caution with this. A regular registry cleaning will probably suffice for most, but you may want to turn this on if you're experiencing troubles and are hoping a deep registry cleaning may help. If you proceed with the deep cleaning, you can always use the Rescue Center (located near the top right of the interface) to reverse the changes, if any problems arise. The Secure File Deletion will completely erase the data of any files you empty from the Windows Recycle Bin - as the Bin only stops referencing the filename, but leaves the data on your hard drive..

Smart Scan2 - Smart Scan:
Now that we have the continual optimization features activated, let's scan your PC to find a few other static changes that can improve speed just a little more. Before you click the Scan button, keep in mind the Smart Scan option will perform the most appropriate scan based on your current PC performance. You can take more control of the scan by clicking the Mode tab near the top-right of the interface. Choosing Expert Mode will give you a list of areas to scan, while Simplified Mode will give you the Smart Scan option. I recommend using the Smart Scan originally (Simplified Mode) and then dive into the expert settings after you get more comfortable with the program.

After clicking the Smart Scan button, the scan will initiate. It will look for any malware threats, registry errors, privacy issues, junk files, Internet problems, and shortcut errors. Depending on the state of your computer, the options and results shown may be different for you. After the scan finishes, simply click Repair to bring your PC and Internet performance to the "Good" level. If you want more control, just click on the category on the left and you will be presented with more detailed information.

Expert Mode3 - Expert Mode: To continue with this section, you will need to turn on Expert Mode by clicking the mode tab near the top right. The default setting will be Simplified Mode, so you will most likely need to change it.

UpgradeTurbo Boost: Click Configure and choose between Work Mode or Game Mode. Keep in mind, your initial selection will just set you up for more detailed configuration as you proceed through the Turbo Boost process. As you continue clicking Next, you will have the opportunity to adjust the various System Services, Non-Windows Services, Background Applications, and finally given the choice to activate the Advanced SystemCare Power Plan. You can also click the "Recommended" link at each stage to bring back the settings to their recommended selections and remove any changes you may have made. The potential combinations are numerous and a little experimenting may help you squeeze even a little more speed out of your system.

System ScanToolbox: A great number of additional optimize functions are available within the toolbox. While the majority of your performance gains will come from the previous automatic and scan settings, these manual tools can give you a little more control and allow you to tinker and learn more about optimizing your computer and Internet. Of interest was the included Game Booster. It will work diligently to improve the Frames per Second of today's' modern graphic intensive games. If you're a PC gamer, it's certainly well worth checking out. Another important option is the Registry Defrag tool. It will reduce the size of your Windows registry, which improves the access speed for this key database that is used continuously by the operating system.

Final Thoughts

That's a good start, but there are many more options available not discussed here, especially if you own the superlative Ultimate version. Please explore the program thoroughly and take your time. Don't forget, there's an outstanding user manual included - available in the More Settings tab near the top right of the interface.

Advanced SystemCare PRO or ULTIMATE are outstanding optimizers and considering the low cost to own them, they're a great value. The speed increases alone make it a prerequisite for every PC user. Then you have to factor in the rock-solid 100% stability of the Ultimate version's code protection and resource-light system security. Now it simply becomes THE solution for the common slow down and instability problems that plague all computer users.

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