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Important BoostSpeed Setup Tips and Advanced Settings

BoostSpeed takes only minutes to download and set up. However, just because the file size is smaller than most, you still have to be very careful as there's a lot of problems that can occur if setup improperly.

The BoostSpeed OptimizerIt's important to make sure your version of Windows is supported. If you have a fairly new PC - within the last 5 years, you should have no problems. if you're not sure, simply check the compatible Windows versions listed on our details page.

Read our Disclaimer before proceeding.The following setup tips will help you get the most out of the BoostSpeed optimizer and allow you to experience better performance. Once you complete our preferred advanced settings, then you can move on to the easy one-click scan to fully optimize your system. While the program may change over time, the basic procedure should be very similar. Just please be aware our information may not accurately describe the current version revision.

Important: The advanced settings detailed below will give you more control versus the simple one-click scan presented at the beginning of the program. After using our recommended advanced settings, please feel free to explore the program further and make sure you fully understand each change before proceeding. Simply use the Rescue Center to undo any undesirable changes you may make. To access the Rescue Center, simply click on the File tab (top left) and choose a backup to safely restore your PC to the previous state.
Optimize with BoostSpeed1 - Extreme Defrag Optimization:
( * see explanation below ) BoostSpeed has an excellent Advanced Hard Drive Defrag & Optimize feature. Click on Advanced Tools. Then, look under the top left category of Disk Maintenance and click on Defragment. The BoostSpeed Disk Defrag box will open. Next, make sure the drive is checked where you installed BoostSpeed - usually the C: drive. Click on the little down arrow on the Defrag button and select Defrag & Optimize. Depending on the condition of your particular drive, this may take anywhere from less than a minute, to a few hours. Please be patient and let it finish. If it initially takes a long time, take solace in knowing the next time will be much, much faster - we recommend doing an advanced defrag at least once per week, or after any install or uninstall of software.

* Anytime you install a new program - you should run an advanced defragmentation. This way, the newly installed program data (and any other previously installed program or game) will be in a perfect state and location on your hard drive, providing for super-fast startup access with lightning quick performance. Also, running the advanced defrag after uninstallation of any software will help to keep everything perfectly fine tuned. Following this regiment will help to provide superior performance and rock-solid stability for your PC.

Optimize Services2 - Optimize Services:
Every PC is configured with default service settings that unnecessarily drain your performance levels. Mastering the different services is extremely complex and strife with danger if you turn off any key services. The solution, The BoostSpeed Optimize Services feature. This will make a slight difference by lessening the background processing power being wasted with useless services for your particular needs. Most will use the "Home computer with networking" selection. Whatever you choose, it's easy to return to a previous state in the unlikely event you have any problems.

Internet Optimizer3 - Internet Auto-Optimization:
While there are a few options to play with under the Manual Optimization feature, we recommend clicking the Auto Optimization tab, then click the Optimize button at the bottom right.

Scan4 - Scan and Repair:
Clicking on the System Scan tab brings you back to the starting point of BoostSpeed. Now you can simply click the Scan Now button to easily finish the overall optimization of your PC. Among the optimization routines that will be performed, is the analysis of your system's registry. It will detect errors that can lead to problems and try to repair them. It should be noted that the registry cleaning function of a professionally engineered program like BoostSpeed will find many more anomalies than a free or inexpensive cleaner.

System Advisor5 - System Advisor:
Clicking the System Advisor tab will bring to your attention any other remaining issues based on your particular PC configuration. After the thorough analysis of any speed, stability, and security problems, you may choose to click on the checkboxes to fully optimize your PC performance levels.

Optimize Memory6 - Optimize Memory:
BoostSpeed has a manual memory optimization feature. If you are using a memory intensive program (such as image editing) and it seems your PC is slowing down, simply right-click on the BoostSpeed icon in the lower-right of your screen (near the date and time) and hover over Quick Tasks, then click Optimize memory.

For full screen PC games, it may not work during the game - it's a better idea to Optimize memory BEFORE you start your game AND select one of the Game box options within Optimize Services (shown above in step 2) prior to your gaming session.

Shutdown7 - Optimize on Shutdown:
When you're finished using your computer for the day, we recommend getting into the habit of shutting down your PC through the BoostSpeed program. Simply select "Scan, Repair and Shutdown" from the Scan Now button mini menu. Then every time your PC boots up, it will always be in an optimal state.

Need to Uninstall

Here's how to Uninstall BoostSpeed - Safe and complete removal instructions.

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