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Important PowerSuite Setup Tips and Automatic Settings

The new version of PowerSuite is quite easy to setup. Once it's configured properly, you will have easy access to its' optimization features with just a few quick clicks..

The following important PowerSuite setup tips will help you get the most out of your new optimizer. Using PowerSuite's easy and automatic optimization, you'll keep your PC at full speed constantly until it needs to be replaced, hopefully years from now.

Automatic Settings3.0 - Automatic Optimization:
To gain the most benefits out of PowerSuite, you will need to set it to start with your PC. Simply click the settings icon on the top-right and then click the button to the right of where it says, "Start PowerSuite automatically on start-up."

Speed Tools3.1 - Automatic Speed Tools:
Return to the "Overview" (top-left tab) main screen. On the bottom left, click on the "Start speed tools" button to activate the automatic optimization features that may help to speedup your PC performance.

Of particular note, the PC Resource Optimizer does the job of managing your CPU to allocate resources exactly where and when you need them.

Of course, you may also start a Full Scan at any time with the Lite version, but you will NOT be able to optimize - you'll only see the possibilities if you upgrade.

Upgrade3.2 - Upgrading to the Full Version: The following advanced features are only available in the upgraded version. You can easily purchase it by clicking on the "Upgrade now" button which will open a comparison screen showing you the differences between the Lite and Pro versions. Then click the "Purchase now" button and your web browser will open, taking you directly to their secure web page. There you will be able to see more PowerSuite Pro details.
Simply click the "Instant Activation" button within that web page. After purchase, you will have your secure serial number. Input the number into PowerSuite and click the Activate button. From this point on, you will have access to the optimization features.

System Scan3.3 - Full Scan:
After the quick activation, you now have complete access to the full version of PowerSuite. The "Upgrade now" buttons are finally gone and now you'll be able to click real buttons within the optimization areas after any scan. The easiest method is to simply click the "Start full scan" button and let PowerSuite take control to scan and prepare your PC for any performance adjustments. Just sit back and enjoy the show, as every thing being done will be shown clearly right before your eyes.

Tweaks3.4 - Tweaks:
On our system, we had 30 tweaks available to us. A few of the tweaks included: speeding up startups and shutdowns, enabling a larger system cache, optimizing the page file, optimizing Internet settings, and enabling boot defragmentation. There were also 3 unused processes, over 30 invalid registry entries, a few startup problems, among a few other other issues. Your scan results will vary depending on the condition of your PC and whether it has ever been cleaned, optimized, or the age of your current Windows install.

Disk Defrag3.5 - Defragment Disk:
We consider it important to scan with the Disk fragmentation after every install and uninstall. This keeps the data neatly organized and in the optimal location on your hard drive. Plus it will provide superior speed and stability. Also, we really like the graphical look of the PowerSuite Disk Defragmenter but really, the basic Windows' defrag utility included with all PCs provides the same results.

BackupsWe had an astounding 1.79 GB being wasted on our main HDD. By removing the accumulated junk data, it allows other programs to move closer the the fastest part of the disk near the outer edge. This means, every program accessed on your disk will start faster and load data into memory at a speedy rate. Imperative for good gaming performance and editing large files with an image editor.

Undo3.6 - Safely Restore Settings with Undo:
Various changes you make within PowerSuite can be easily undone by clicking the Settings tab (top-right) and selecting Undo in the left-side menu. Then use the drop down box to choose which optimization type you wish to undo. After making your selections, simply click the Undo button on the bottom-right of the screen to proceed. All changes will be undone and your PC will be restored to its' previous state in whatever category you chose.

The PowerSuite PC optimizer will try to keep your PC in top shape. With it installed, you should reduce your chances of having to re-install Windows again. Hopefully, it will keep your PC humming along for years to come.

Author: SpeedupNewSpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)
All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

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