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Our tweaking help and software reviews are based on over 20 years of experience by RJ. After being behind a keyboard for those 2 decades, my hope is every thing I've learned can help other PC users, new and experienced, find easy to implement solutions to get the most out of their computers.

I've put a lot of time and effort into SpeedupNew and I want to be upfront about how we keep this site active. We provide links to software after our reviews. These links may (not always) give us a commission when you make purchase after clicking that link. We value our ethics and we value you. We do not make up lies, false reviews, push dangerous free junkware, or recommend useless products only for a high commission. My promise to you is, I will absolutely only recommend software that I personally love and use.

Even after over 2 decades of optimizing my PC and Internet, I am still learning new things every day. It's always exciting to find new ways to make my computer faster, especially since I my favorite hobby since the Atari 2600 days has been gaming. As I learn new tweaks and discover new exciting optimizer software, I will share everything with you - to help all of us, get the best PC and Internet performance possible. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

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We are never compensated directly for our reviews or pressured in any way to provide opinions. Our opinions are formed on a good faith belief that the products and services we recommend are excellent solutions for you to consider.

We participate in various affiliate advertising programs including Avangate, Cleverbridge, Digital River, and Impact Radius. We receive monetary compensation from placed ads shown in our clearly labeled Advertisement box, and/or from any of the referral links within our content including reviews. You should always assume that the owner of this web site may be compensated when you purchase a product and/or service after clicking a link on our site that goes to and/or redirects to another web site.

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You will be using this web site and information provided by us at your own risk without a guarantee of any sort. Therefore, this web site and/or the owner(s) of this web site, and/or anyone involved in the content, design, creation, or operation of this web site shall not be held responsible and/or liable in any way for any physical and/or mental and/or computer and/or financial and/or any other losses and/or problems of any kind resulting from your using, and/or reading of, and/or sharing of, and/or putting to use, any of the information provided by us and/or this web site.

Due to the enormous variations of computer configurations, we can not possibly guarantee that any computer related tweaks, and/or tips, and/or any and all information provided by us will work for your particular computer. If you do decide to use our web site and/or information, you will be proceeding at your own risk and we are NOT responsible nor to be held liable in whole or in part for the result(s).

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