Clearing RAM Manually vs Automatic RAM Optimization

Many web sites are wrongly (IMHO) stating the ProcessIdleTasks method through a Desktop Shortcut is effective at clearing RAM without restarting Windows. While other web sites have stated it as misinformation. We have tried it and it had NO EFFECT on our RAM usage.

Besides, even if you could clear your RAM with a simple batch file, you risk removing important data loaded in your RAM that may corrupt programs you're using either on-screen or in the background. The best solution is the automatic RAM optimizer built into this year's best PC optimizer. It will intelligently and automatically clear only the defunct RAM data that is no longer being used by the operating system or any running programs.

The joke of many a PC experts years ago, today's memory optimizer programs included with the latest high-tech optimization suites, are very effective. Certainly worth the few minutes to download and setup, especially considering it will improve your overall PC and Internet performance as well as improving your RAM access speed.

The Truth About Clearing Your RAM Manually

There are many PC users looking for a magical Clear RAM shortcut option within Windows. Unfortunately, we have not found any effective shortcut or batch file to clear RAM without a third party program or re-booting Windows. But there are still some steps you can take to improve your low RAM situation.

It's not want you want to hear (sometimes the truth hurts, I know) but the most effective way to fully clear your RAM would be to shut off your PC, unplug it, press the power button (while it's still unplugged), and then start your PC up again. This will clear all of the electrical charge and residual data in the RAM. By the way, this method may also repair a PC that has trouble restarting after a critical error or seems damaged with overflow static caused by lightning.

If your computer is becoming sluggish from using a memory intensive program like a photo-editor or a PC game, you need to shut down that program (save your work or game first) and then restart the program. Windows usually does a good job of clearing the memory of programs that are shut down.

Besides using a memory optimizer, the fastest method to clear your RAM is to Log off your Windows user (save your work first) and then Log in again. This will reset the RAM and unlike a Restart, you won't have to wait for all of the drivers and Windows services to load in.

Is it Time to Upgrade my RAM? What do I Need to Know?

You are probably here looking for a way to clear your RAM, so you may also be considering a RAM upgrade. Since adding RAM can be an excellent cost-effective upgrade (depending on the ever-changing RAM prices), you may want to consider researching your motherboard to find out four key pieces of information.

1 - What is the fastest type of RAM my motherboard will accept?
2 - Will any RAM I buy be compatible with my current RAM?
3 - What is the Maximum amount of RAM my Motherboard can hold?
4 - Will the upgrade path allow me to use my current RAM or do I have to get all new - such as you want 8GB (4 X 2GB sticks) and you currently only have 1GB sticks. If your motherboard has only 4 RAM slots, you will not be able to use your 1GB sticks to acquire 8GB of RAM.

Also consider the RAM limitations of your version of Windows as described below.

Windows and RAM Limits: Today's Windows 10 offers excellent RAM management with most motherboards capable of 32 and 64 GB of maximum memory. However, if you are using an older 32bit (also referred to as X86) edition of Windows, you don't need any more that 4 GB of RAM. Actually, just over 3GB will be used and anything above that will not be beneficial unless you plan to upgrade to a 64bit (also referred to as X64) edition of Windows in the near-future. Also, if you are using a special version such as the Windows 7 Starter Edition, your maximum RAM would only be 2GB.

Even though the magical one-click shortcut doesn't seem to exist to clear our PC memory, I still perceived value in writing this article. I wanted to give you an objective view on the realities of RAM clearing and to explore some of your other options. Hope you enjoyed it.

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