Guide to Optimize Your PC and Internet

Today's PC Optimizers deliver results by integrating advanced programming routines that continually optimize your computer and Internet speed. Beware of cheap and free optimizers, you will most certainly want to use the best PC optimization software. They can automatically optimize Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP. All on that resourceful page are developed by professional programmers that are experts within Windows and familiar with the vast array of computer configurations.

Given the serious speed increases and added stability delivered by today's optimizers, we believe it may be the most important piece of software you can add to a PC. The final decision is yours, but here's how we chose a PC optimizer.

Speed up with a PC Optimizer in 4 Easy Steps.

Example of a PC and Internet Optimizer.

We prefer an Optimizer Suite that boosts both PC and web surfing speed.
Our recommended solutions below will continually optimize your system,
providing real speed increases and rock-solid stability. With its' advanced optimization and system cleaning routines, it will also put an end to frustrating slowdowns, stutters, crashes, and freeze-ups.

Step 1

Choosing an Effective PC Optimizer

We get many questions concerning optimizers. Many have asked about alternatives such as overclocking, tweaking, or free optimizers. Here is our opinion on those topics, followed by our selection process for choosing an effective optimizer.

Optimizing vs OverClocking.
A high quality optimizer does NOT overheat your PC, nor will it reduce the life expectancy of your computer hardware components like extreme overclocking does. Also, using software should not void your computer's warranty.

An Optimizer vs Computer Tweaks.
Manual tweaks can take days, and you may not even come close to the advanced optimization routines built into a good optimizer. Tweaking your PC is also wrought with the risk out-of-date information as your operating system and hardware drivers constantly change through updating. A computer optimizer can safely scan your PC, and adapt its' optimization code to work perfectly with your current system setup.

What about free optimizers?
Free PC Optimizers may (falsely) promise the world but usually contain a well-hidden agreement that you will be tracked via spyware. This can actually slow you down as your Internet usage and computer activities are transmitted to their spying databases. Also, if you download a free PC optimization program from a questionable but authoritative looking web site - it may contain password stealing viruses or undetectable malicious code that plays havoc with your PC.

Beware of free or cheap optimizers that were programmed years ago and are being offered in a shiny new interface. Your PC is probably one of the most costly purchases you have made... do you want to trust a free download that may have been programmed 5 years ago and cheaply sold to marketing gurus to pawn off their spyware? No thanks.

Professional Engineered Optimizers.
We have narrowed down our list (next step) to our favorite Optimizers of 2017. You can make your decision based on the type of optimizer you're looking for. Of course, you are free to choose another optimizer altogether that is not even listed here. That decision is yours to make - just be careful, and always do a virus scan on any file you download online.

Step 2

Download your PC Optimizer

Professional Engineered Optimizers.
We prefer optimizers that are being offered by companies that offer professional high quality products. We don't think it's a good idea to trust a developer that may not have enough experience and resources to adapt to the ever-changing operating systems and computer configurations. The following optimizers are engineered specifically for Windows 8, 7, VISTA, or XP. All versions including 32 bit and 64 bit.

The decision you make, should be tailored to your specific needs. Below, we give you three great options based the following criteria... maximum speed results, easy-to-use, or fix and repair optimization.

WiseCare 365 Pro  (Best PC speed optimizer)

If you want the fastest PC optimizer available, WiseCare 365 delivers those speed gains. WiseCare 365 Pro ( Program file options and instructions )

Recommended for the best continual speed increases to speed up PC and Internet speed. Improve stability for your PC while accelerating to new performance levels, there's none better - winner of our top speed award.

Advanced SystemCare  (Best Value PC optimizer)

Easy automatic optimization for accelerated speed and improved stability at a great value. Advanced SystemCare ( Program file options and instructions )

Recommended for the best deal optimizer to boost their computer and Internet. All without breaking the bank. Whether you're new to the world of optimization or you're a seasoned veteran, you'll love the excellent speed increases that Advanced SystemCare safely delivers.

Step 3

Install your New PC Optimizer

Installing an optimizer is a fairly simple task.
The following installation instructions pertain to the more popular (and effective) optimizers' on our list, but all other optimizer installations are very similar to the following. Please note, these are only general instructions that may become out-of-date when programs are updated or re-versioned.

Find your downloaded file and open it.
Double click on the downloaded file (usually saved to your desktop or within your "My Documents" folder) and follow the on-screen instructions. If you can't find your downloaded file, simply search for it (ours was boost-speed-setup.exe) on your PC using the Windows search feature. Afterwards, you will usually be given the easy option to just click Next or Continue.

Agreeing to the EULA - the software license.
Next, you will usually be presented with an "End-User License Agreement". If you disagree with the license, you will not be able to proceed. If you agree to the license, it's time to install the optimizer.

Choosing an installation folder.
The option to choose an installation folder is usually offered. However, we highly recommend you simply leave the installation folder as the default by clicking "Next". While the tested optimizers seemed to have no problem with a custom install folder, it's a good computer habit to always use the default locations to make it easy to find programs and to check if an uninstall went correctly. Plus if any program wants to update or add-on features in the future, keeping the default installation folder makes the process simple and trouble-free.

Also, you may be asked about Shortcut locations, etc. Just keep clicking next to keep them at the default locations for ease of access.

Your options after the install is completed.
OK, the installation was successful, you are probably given the option to start the optimizer right away. While you can do this, we recommend you un-tick the "Launch now" box (if offered) and click "Finish" or similar. It's time to "Restart" Windows, as mentioned above, this is a good computing habit to make sure the program is fully integrated, as Windows can only update key system files while in pre-boot mode. Yes, the optimizer will probably work from the get-go but you will eventually have to restart at some point anyway to initiate many of the advanced optimization routines.

Step 4

Using your New Optimizer

Congratulations, you've just joined millions of other optimized PC users.
Cost-effectiveness is what you have just achieved. By circumnavigating around the unfair and very expensive PC hardware upgrade cycle, your new optimizer may provide years of accelerated performance for your current PC and Web connection.

An optimizer may also help you to fight off any notions of replacing your PC too early. When you finally do decide to upgrade in the future, you will get a faster computer for less - as prices continue to drop, and hardware is improved on a yearly basis.

Since quality optimizers are continually updated for new versions of Windows, you should be able to use it with your new PC in the future. Yes, even the fastest and newest computers can benefit from quality optimization software.

How to Optimize your PC and Internet speed

Using the easy and automatic features:
Most optimizers have a "Scan" button to get you started right away. This is the secret to your success with your brand-spanking new optimizer. While you can adjust many manual settings until your heart's content, you may experience the fastest and most reliable speed increases with the main screen options followed by using a few of the advanced optimization tools which may be a little deeper within the interface.

After the automatic optimization, we strongly recommend that you Restart your PC to allow the new optimization routines to integrate fully.

After you restart, you should notice an increase in speed with the loading of auto-start programs and any other tasks you do on your PC. While results will vary, most programs should show at least a slightly faster response time. Programs that may have crashed before, may now perform flawlessly - if not, re-install the problematic program and the new install along with your newly optimized and more stable machine should be able to correct the problem.

Want to boost your PC speed even more?
While some may experience excellent results with the easy Auto-Optimization, the more technically inclined may want to adjust and tinker with the manual tweak section.

There are a ton of extra optimization tweaks available in most optimizers. There is usually an encyclopedia of tweaks that allow you to manually adjust optimization settings to squeeze even more speed from your PC. All the important details about each and every tweak should be clearly presented, making them very easy to understand. Even complete newbies to the computer scene can become tweak experts in short order.

Most optimizing programs have a built-in safety mechanism to undo most changes. Also, usually upon install, Windows will automatically set a restore point, which can be used, if you need to revert back to your previous state.

Optimizing any type of Internet connection:
It's very easy to speed up your Internet. Many will perform Internet optimization within the PC speed settings, while others will have a dedicated Internet optimizer where you can make manual adjustments or use an automatic option.

Please Note: A Standard Cable Internet speed is between 4-6 Mbps. If you are given a choice to adjust manually, most cable Internet users will choose within the 6 mbps area. You can safely try all of the variations, if you are not sure and want to see which one is most effective for your particular connection.

Other Internet Connection Types
Most users visiting our site have the Cable Internet connections. However, the PC optimizers will accelerate all types of Internet connections including telephone line (Dial-up Internet) , DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), ISDN (Dual and Single channel), and even local and wireless networks.

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to optimize your PC and Internet with an optimizer. Thanks to all for the wonderful comments and encouragement. We know there are many who are in dire need of faster computers and web speed, but like many of us, can not afford expensive upgrades.

Whether you gain minutes or hours every day with your new optimizer, from this point on you should have a faster, smoother, and much less frustrating computing experience. Add in the possibility of improved stability, and you have a right to be excited about the remaining years you may have just gained with your current PC.

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