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Easy to Use PC Optimization Software

Here's the best of the easy-to-use PC optimizers to help you speed up system and network speed. Usually a single click will boost your PC to further performance levels every time you press it. You can also schedule these PC accelerators to perform the optimization procedures automatically.

The best automatic PC optimizer software is WinOptimizer, followed closely by the much more effective Wise Care 365. Both have easy automatic optimizing features, plus they are very well presented, so any novice user will find out exactly how to optimize. Many optimizers can be over-complex and confusing, but these are the best automatic ones currently available.

Top Automatic PC Optimizers of 2019



"WinOptimizer is tailor-made for new computer users seeking an easy solution to fine-tune their PCs. While the reults are not as exciting as better options, it is definitly a safe solution if you're worried about tuning up your system."

WinOptimizer ScreenshotAs an experienced computer tweaker, I know how easy it is to make a mistake when changing the values of your PC settings and hidden locked files. Trouble can soon follow after any kind of mistake. WinOptimizer, dissolves those fears, and helps you automatically optimize your system. It's safe and very easy to do.

I only wish I would have had this easy-to-use optimizer when I first started out. It would have saved me a lot of turmoil. Press a few buttons within the simple interface to speed up your system speed - it doesn't get any easier than that.

If you are a little concerned about tweaking your Windows registry and other sensitive areas of your computer, you may want to get into the safer zone of WinOptimizer. But if you don't mind spending a few minutes to learn a new program, there are other optimizers that will give you much better results.


Wise Care 365 Pro

Wise Care 365Easily the best PC optimizer available, Wise Care 365 delivers incredible speed increases - but it's also very easy to use. The quick and easy automatic setup will have your PC and Internet performing at faster speed in very little time.

While most modern optimization programs for Windows are easy to use, the big difference with WC 365 is the final results. It had the best speed results of all the tested programs whle keeping the computer perfectly stable without annoying errors or freeze-ups like many of the other "more popular" solutions we tried.

Although WinOptimizer above may be a simpler program for new users, if you're at all familiar with using any type of program on your PC, Wise Care 365 is highly recommended. It will give you the best speed results, quickly and easily.


System Mechanic Professional

"With the ActiveCare automatic function of System Mechanic, you can easily optimize every area of your system continuously for super-speed results all the time."

System Mechanic Automatic OptimizationWhile the interface is simple, the automatic optimising effect is brilliant.

System Mechanic Professional will deliver constant tuning to your startup configuration, internet connection, system drive, memory, and even accelerate registry access speed.

On top of the great auto features, it will also make sure your PC has no errors or conflicts that can slow speed to a crawl. Add in the continual cleaning of excessive defunct files that clutter your system needlessly, and System Mechanic becomes a fine choice for those looking to optimize their Windows PC.

Need even more speed? You can set System Mechanic's "LiveBoost" function to seriously (and safely) boost your overall system speed even further. Access it under LiveBoost on the navigation bar, by simply clicking "Real-Time Status". It will further tuneup your system resources and vastly speed up CPU, memory, and all of your drives.


Advanced SystemCare Pro or Ultimate

"Includes a very easy to use turbo boost button to for quick optimization. If you want automatic results but would like to have extra speed in reserve with a few other more advanced optimizations, then consider ASC."

Advanced SystemCare UltimateAdvanced SystemCare or ASC is one of the top rated speed and Internet optimizers after our testing. It also boasts a very simple quick optimizing section. It can be used by novices or inexperienced users to get their feet wet before diving into the full blown optimization.

if you're the type of person who likes to fidget and learn new things, this is probably the better automatic option for you. It will speed up your Windows' computer while leaving you with a mountain of other advanced features to learn as you gradually become more experienced.

Simple, easy, and the most effective speed boost you will get out of any optimizer. ASC delivers exceptional results and comes in two outstanding versions, Pro and Ultimate.


Glary Utilities

"Aimed at those looking for a system utility suite that is easy to use and provides automatic cleaning and repair. Glary utilities is recommended if your into safely tweaking around your PC"

Glary UtilitiesGlary Utilities has a comprehensive list of utilities to discover and optimize your PC. It has a great easy to use section and can be set to automate a system scan to your schedule.

With a few simple tabs along the top, Glary utilities gives you what you need, right in front of your eyes. It can be an easy and simple optimization, or you can try out the vast array of other tools to get the most speed out of your system.

Glary Utilities was clearly designed with the beginner PC user in mind, but it offers so many more detailed settings than most optimizers, I would say experienced users will love it to.

Automatic PC System Optimization

Easy is the name of the game in this category. While many optimizers have a button to speed up performance, only a few actually work effectively. We have used some that seemed to do nothing, except act as a pacifier to keep us momentarily happy.

The automatic and single click optimization provided by the winners in this category, proved far better than any we have used. Real optimization with one click, that's exciting.

Those with little experience with using software should strongly consider these easy-to-use optimizer solutions. Even experienced users will appreciate to simple aspects of these PC optimizers while having the option to go into the more advanced features.

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