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Are Free PC Optimization Programs Really Free?

Free always sounds great until the fine print is read. Free PC Optimizers are no different. You only have to read the EULA (End User License Agreement) to see how a free PC optimizer is being offered for no cost. Tracking spyware is legal if you agree to it. The worst part is most free programs don't give enough speed increases to offset the system and Internet slowdown from all of the running tracking routines.

Beyond free optimization software, you can purchase outstanding PC optimizer solutions. I've used numerous PC tuning programs over the last 20 years. Paid-for tuneup utilities give a greater degree of optimization compared to free solutions without the ad nags or spyware. Well worth the small cost in my view, but a free solution may be adequate for you depending on how much performance gain you're looking for, and if you're OK with aggressive tracking running on your PC.

Best Free Basic Optimizer / Cleaner

Of all of the free basic PC cleaners out there, CCleaner is the best one in our view. But it's not really a true optimizer, you won't get blazing fast speed like you would with a "paid for" full PC optimization suite.

CCleaner Free

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"A good lightweight free PC cleaner - also includes a basic registry cleaner. Even though CCleaner is a very user-friendly free PC cleaning program, you will still need to be very careful, especially with the advanced features."

CCleaner free optimizationCCleaner is easily the most popular free PC cleaner. It comes in a few free versions. There's a standard installer which fully installs on your PC including adding registry entries. There's also portable CCleaner versions (recommended for system admin's and advanced users) that do not add registry entries as it's simply an executable file.

You can use the portable version on a USB key to carry around with you to easily clean any PC. The reality is, CCleaner is a great program for what it does; clean your PC. Even though it offers a more robust pro version, it still lacks the complete PC optimization of a fully featured PC optimizer. Simply cleaning out a few junk files off your drives, does not speed up your PC and Internet.

Of course, the free CCleaner utility is going to lack the most exciting features of a "paid for" true PC optimizer that will accelerate your CPU, automatically optimize RAM usage, adjust Windows services and processes, and create a stable system environment with near instant boot-ups of Windows and all programs and games you have installed. OK, enough of what CCleaner doesn't have, let's move on to what it can do effectively.

The one click cleaning is an excellent feature for beginners, but there's also a few advanced features that should be approached with caution. I would definitely recommend keeping the basic registry cleaner set to its' default settings, so as to prevent any registry breakdowns through over-cleaning.

CCleaner can be adjusted to delete various privacy invading files on your PC such as search history, web tracking cookies, and other data files. CCleaner also includes a very handy feature to disable startup items to help your PC start faster. However, in Windows 10, you can do most of that through the Task Manager, select the Startup tab, and right-click on an entry, and select Disable. Previous editions of Windows, you needed to use the msconfig (system configuration) utility within Windows - be careful if you try it, msconfig can be a dangerous tool.

With a simple interface and easy instructions, you can quickly get to the cleaner's main features. It may help stabilize your PC system performance by cleaning out your Windows registry of corrupt data, but it will not do a deep cleaning like full PC optimization software. While this cleaner may help speed up your PC at the smallest level, it can't really do a full optimization like more complete optimizer suites.

If you're new to the world of optimization, the free CCleaner program may be a good place to start. However, if you want the best performance and stability possible, you'll need to increase your PC speed with a more advanced (paid for) optimization program.

Free Download, Junkware, RansomWare, AdWare, and ScareWare

A no-cost pc optimizer may be a good choice if you just want a basic cleaning, but it's mostly things you can do yourself with a little computer knowledge. The top free optimization program, CCleaner, offers only a mild PC cleaning and a basic registry cleaning. You're probably not going to gain much speed, or repair a problematic PC with any of those free solutions.

Unfortunately, the cost of many free PC optimizers sometimes comes in the form of annoying adware, intrusive online tracking spyware, or sharing your system specs and sometimes your files (personal data and all) with mega corporate databases. They use the info for financial gain. Sadly, it's a big business.

If you want a full PC optimization that's 100% safe, creates rock-solid stability with exceptional speed gains and has the ability to fix serious system problems, consider one of these top optimization downloads. These software solutions will speed up both computer and Internet speed. They're programmed by expert software developers with the focus on pleasing the customer - and not any privacy invading entity.

Please note: Any free software, including free PC optimizers, may change their license agreement at any time, so any free PC optimizer that is safe today, may change its' EULA - End User License Agreement (anyone really read those) and may turn into a spyware-filled mess, or worse, after updating. Proceed at your own risk, and always run any free download from the Internet through your anti-virus program. Or use an online scanner such as VirusTotal or MetaDefender .

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