Are Free PC Optimizers Safe?

Free always sounds great until the fine print is read. Free PC Optimizers are no different. You only have to read the EULA (End User License Agreement) to see how a free PC optimizer is being offered for no cost. Tracking spyware is legal if you agree to it. The worst part is most free programs don't give enough speed increases to offset the system and Internet slowdown from all of the running tracking routines.

Beyond free optimization software, you can purchase outstanding PC optimizer solutions. I've researched numerous PC tuning programs over the years. Paid-for tuneup utilities give a greater degree of optimization compared to free solutions without the ad nags or spyware. Well worth the small cost in my view, but a free solution may be adequate for you depending on how much performance gain you're looking for, and if you're OK with aggressive tracking running on your PC.

The risk of spyware and malware

A no-cost pc optimizer may be a good choice if you just want a basic cleaning, but it's mostly things you can do yourself with a little computer knowledge. The top free optimization program, CCleaner, offers only a mild PC cleaning and a basic registry cleaning. You're probably not going to gain much speed, or repair a problematic PC with any of those free solutions.

Unfortunately, the cost of many free PC optimizers sometimes comes in the form of annoying adware, intrusive online tracking spyware, or sharing your system specs and sometimes your files (personal data and all) with mega corporate databases. They use the info for financial gain. Sadly, it's a big business.

If you want a full PC optimization that's 100% safe, creates rock-solid stability with exceptional speed gains and has the ability to fix serious system problems, consider reading our PC Optimizer Buyer's Guide. These software solutions will speed up both computer and Internet speed. They're programmed by expert software developers with the focus on pleasing the customer - and not any privacy invading entity.

Please note: Any free software, including free PC optimizers, may change their license agreement at any time, so any free PC optimizer that is safe today, may change its' EULA - End User License Agreement (anyone really read those) and may turn into a spyware-filled mess, or worse, inject malware on to your PC, after updating. Proceed at your own risk, and always run any free download from the Internet through your anti-virus program. Or use an online scanner such as VirusTotal Exterior Link or MetaScan Exterior Link.

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