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2021 Best Internet Optimizer 2021

Last Updated: August 12, 2021

An Internet Optimizer will tuneup and optimize your network and online connection. It's the only viable solution next to paying for a higher bandwidth plan from your ISP.

Today, everything is online, so a slow Internet speed can prevent us from enjoying many of our daily tasks. Including online gaming, social engagement, and watching YouTube, Netflix, or any other bandwidth demanding service.

The Cause of Slow Internet

Internet Optimizer: The Top 5 in 2021

Why do I need an Internet Optimizer? The default Internet settings of your PC are un-optimized and bottleneck your bandwidth. Also, every PC will eventually experience corrupted or wrongful data values from many of the programs (legit and rogue) that access and change the very sensitive Internet settings within Windows and the registry.

Here are the best internet optimizer choices after our analysis. While none of these were exceptional, the top choice was the best for speed and all-around stability. It's also a consideration if you need a repair to your Internet or you want to make sure there are no virus' or spyware, hogging your Internet bandwidth..

  1. System Mechanic Pro - Includes NetBooster. Gives a boost to your Internet connection and network speed - and it works with all types, including Dialup, Cable, DSL, Satellite, and anything in between.
  2. Ashampoo Internet Accelerator - An easy to use, and fairly effective web cleaner.
  3. Auslogics BoostSpeed’s Internet Optimizer - Included with the Boostspeed utility software, the Internet tuning function can help repair some connectivity issues.
  4. PGware Throttle - A modem enhancer that strives to improve Internet transfer speeds and network.
  5. TCP Optimizer - Tweaks many online parameters within Windows registry.

Recommended Internet Optimizer

System Mechanic Professional

"Best Internet optimization combined with a security component that removes malicious hidden entities from your system, and protects you against future Internet slowdowns."

System Mechanic in ActionSM Pro gave us an excellent Internet boost. It will optimize Internet and network settings within Windows. The advanced optimization works in real-time to continually and safely free memory (very important for HD video and large file downloads), adjust services.

Go for the PRO version of System Mechanic and you'll get real-time protection to keep your Internet at peak performance. From the day you install it, to the day your PC is replaced - hopefully years from now.

"Got slow Internet or Network problems? Use System Mechanic PRO to help optimize any Internet connection or network and send your online speed soaring."

NetBooster Internet OptimizationSpeed up Internet performance: Our top computer speed optimizer also takes the Internet crown. Today, computers rely on the Internet like it's a data drive. Whether it's updating Windows, downloading games, or watching streaming movies, you need to have the fastest possible connection.

Recommended for:
Anyone using the Internet on a daily basis who wants to improve the speed and stability of their connection. Improve ping rates for online gaming, watch web videos stutter-free, download large files much faster, update social sites quicker, and send chat comments or emails in a flash.

Start accelerating your Internet by considering System Mechanic Pro - we recommend the all-encompassing PRO version because of the additional security protection it provides.

Works with: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, and 7


Is there anything more frustrating than an intermittent on and off Internet connection? Especially when you're playing an MMO or watching a streaming video. Use an Internet optimizer to gain faster online speed and stabilize your Internet connection.

An Internet optimizer will speed up any Internet connection including Cable, DSL, Dialup, Satellite, and ISDN. Plus it will also accelerate your local network. Everything you do online will experience a significant speed boost.

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