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Best PC Optimizer 2021

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2021 Best PC Optimizer TuneUp | Fastest Results (No free junk)

Last Updated: April 18, 2021

We tested 35 of the best computer optimization software and Windows cleaners. The top PC optimizer gave the absolute fastest PC and Internet performance.

The 35 Best PC Optimizer Software for 2021

Frustrated with your computer? System tuneup software is a great option to solve computer problems or give your slow PC a major speed boost. Keep reading to get the right one for your Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP computer.

PC Optimizer Software 2021 (Tested in April)

In our most comprehensive test ever, our 2021 Best PC Optimizer results show you the ultimate software to get for your computer. The winning software was the leading performer on all of our desktop and laptop systems - new or old.

Our 100 hour long test focused on speed, repair, and stability. We were also very sensitive to any intrusive behavior, such as spyware.

The optimization features were very diverse between programs, with many aiming to increase computer speed, while others were more focused on repair and cleaning.

The top optimizer generated the fastest speed results for all of our desktop and laptop computers. After testing all the best PC optimization and tune up software, it gave the absolute fastest PC and Internet performance.

Thanks to the entire team for their help - and to the generous community for your suggestions.

Top PC Optimization Software for Windows

We tested and compared all of the best computer optimization software available to speed up and repair your Windows system. After over 100 hours of testing 35 of the most popular optimizers, here are the best results.

Best Computer Speed Results of 2021

1. WiseCare 365 Professional

The Best Windows 10 Optimizer (also best for Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP)

99% "WC 365 Pro proved itself in every PC / Internet speed, system repair, and stability test we threw at it. The end result - super speed levels without errors or problems. It's very easy to use, not intrusive, and most importantly, it works."

WiseCare 365 Pro. The best PC Optimizer if you're looking for the most advanced Windows optimizer available for your computer system and Internet. WiseCare 365 Pro boosted our speed the most, while maintaining actually improving stability. Unlike all others tested, the continual and constant optimization, lets you keep your speed gains. Your PC and Internet will always be at the highest speed possible, each and every day. It's easy to use, completely safe, and works automatically. Click here to find out how to get it.

Editor's Choice: Best Overall

Best PC and Internet optimization for less than many other bloated optimizers that are far less effective. Accelerates your PC to extreme speeds with improved stability.

( EDIT: The last few weeks, the PRO version was on sale, but it's ending soon. )

2021 version of WC 365.Please Note: WiseCare 365 Pro (above) contains the most PC optimization benefits and automatically delivers speed - shown to the right..

PLUS WC 365 Pro has even more advanced features to continually keep your PC and Internet at maximum speed. While also providing rock-solid Windows' stability with advanced slowdown protection.


  • The best computer speed results, comprehensive repair, solid stability.
  • The automatic function was easy to use and very effective.
  • Works with any Windows laptop or desktop, new or old.
  • Passionate developers who care about their work with frequent updates.


  • Interface is a little bland and not as modern as others.

WiseCare 365 showing all of the tuneup utilities included.Continually and effectively optimizes your PC and Internet. The automatic option will keep your system in a perfectly optimized state.The full system optimizer improves startups, shutdowns, and more responsive performance for your PC and every program installed. You can easily set the real-time optimization to work on the fly to safely adjust system services and RAM.

Optimizing a Laptop PC. Of course, it's not free, but quite frankly, I believe it's priced too low for all of the advanced PC optimization features included. Especially compared to the more expensive but less effective optimizers. Hopefully, the developers will continue to offer it at this low price, but I can't help but think they may eventually raise the price to the same level as other quality optimizers in the $50-$80 range.

The top reasons why this is the best PC optimizer software;
  • Best Speed Results of all tested. Computer responsiveness improved with lightning quick program and game loads.
  • The advanced RAM optimizer put a stop to the slowdowns we had during intense usage of resources. Whether from demanding games or resource-intensive programs.
  • Boosts the Internet response rate up to 300%. Will also optimize the most popular web browsers for extreme surfing speed. Solves disconnect issues.
  • SSD optimization for full speed on digital drives. On hard disk drives, it will place important data to the high speed sweet spot of your drive.
  • Gamers will have a field day with the extra performance for better frame rates. Also reduced lag during online gaming.
  • Repaired all Windows errors and system problems on our error-plagued test rig. Improved our Windows install like it was back to new.
  • Passed over 50 malware scan checks. Our anti-virus was set to the most sensitive heuristic setting. It has never alerted us about Wise Care 365 Pro.
  • Effective on all Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and even old XP. Works with all old or new desktops and laptops running any of those operating systems.


Unlike all others tested, Wise Care 365's continual and constant slowdown prevention, lets you keep your speed gains. Your PC and Internet will always be at the highest speed possible, each and every day, from now on. Wise Care 365 Pro gets our strongest recommendation.

WC 365 Pro proved itself in every PC / Internet speed, system repair, and stability test we threw at it. The end result - super speed levels without errors or problems.

Download and Buy WiseCare 365 Here Wise Care 365 Pro gets our strongest recommendation. Super speed results, comprehensive repair, and improved stability; every day until your PC is replaced - years from now.

It's easy to use, simply let it automatically optimize your system in mere minutes.

IMPORTANT - If there really was a free PC optimizer, it would be here. But there are only free scans (more registry bloat) that do nothing. Some intentionally slow or lock your PC to force you to buy their junk ransomware - just to get back to normal speed.

For real results, get WC 365 Pro - a safe and effective solution created by professional programmers that care about their product and you, their customer.

WC 365 Pro works with: All old or new PC Desktops, Laptops & Tablets running...
Microsoft® Windows 10. 8, 7, Vista, or XP.

The Runner-Ups:

2. iolo System Mechanic Pro

PC Tuneup and Windows Repair Utilities;

95% Iolo System Mechanic Pro. One of the best system utilities to easily fix PC problems, System Mechanic Pro provided a thorough cleaning and fixed the majority of errors on our troubled Windows' test computers.

A thorough and complete repair utility that is a pleasure to use. However, WC 365 (above) is the top pick in our PC optimizer list because it has excellent repair, but with much more comprehensive optimization.


  • Does a good job at repairing common problems.
  • Nice looking and easy to understand interface..


  • The registry cleaner froze-up occasionally and took a long time.

3. IOBIT Advanced SystemCare Pro

Computer Optimizer and System Applications;

91% IOBIT Advanced SystemCareBoth versions of Advanced SystemCare (Pro and Ultimate) give you excellent system tune up utilities for Windows computers. When your PC is struggling, ASC has good problem solving capabilities to fix it up.

Years ago, this was my go-to computer optimizer. As time went by, I found others that were much more effective, but I still have a soft spot for this one.


  • Well designed and easy to navigate.
  • Comes in 2 flavors - We preferred Ultimate over Pro.


  • Repair functionality was a little weak in some tests.

4. Ashampoo WinOptimizer Pro

Easy PC Booster for Beginners;

91% Ashampoo WinOptimizerWith the WinOptimizer program, you will get faster speed for your Windows PC through one of the easiest to use interfaces.

A good option for new computer users that want lightweight optimization from an extremely simple PC optimizer. However, the top 2 are also easy to use but much more effective with their advanced automatic optimization.


  • Very easy to use.


  • Only fair PC and Internet speed improvements.
  • Had trouble with compatibility in some tests.

5. Glarysoft Glary Utilities Pro

Registry Cleaner and Tools;

90% Glarysoft Glary Utilities A great set of Windows tuneup tools that provides a quick PC tune up. Unfortunately, Glary Utilities lacks more than a few of the advanced optimization features of the leading optimizers.

However, it still does an excellent job to keep your PC stable with a mild performance boost. The multitude of manual settings were fun to explore, but very time consuming, and there's a fairly high learning curve.


  • Lots of utilities to sift through.


  • Lacks the advanced optimizations of the top programs.

6. AVG PC Tuneup Utilities Pro

Windows Cleaner and Maintenance App;

90% AVG Tuneup Screenshot. Is AVG's PC Tuneup Safe? We had no problems using AVG PC Tuneup. But you'll need to be careful and read what each of the 35 included tools are doing before proceeding. It was a little too easy to make mistakes.

If you need a quick PC tune-up, it performed OK. There are other optimization programs above that will serve you better.

7. Piriform CCleaner Pro

PC Cleaner Software;

89% CCleaner Pro. Had trouble recently with malicious code injected into their program. At last check, it appears they have the all clear now

It's more of a cleaner than an optimizer. An advanced Windows speed optimizer is not CCleaner's strength. Like most, you can set a schedule to clean your system, but it had a very weak optimization score.

Also there's no dedicated Internet optimizer module. So if that's important, you may want another. For us, since everything's connected to the Internet today, that was a deal-breaker. But if you're looking for only a PC cleaner, it may deserve a look.

8. WinZip System Utilities Pro

Windows Utilities and Maintenance Apps;

88% WinZip System Utilities. A good but not great set of tools for Windows. Provides maintenance in an easy to use interface, but in our testing, we were frustrated with the finicky driver updater function.

Particularly enjoyed the Process Library which allowed easy viewing of the resource hogs on our system. Overall it performed adequately, but the speed gains were minimal at best.

9. Symantec Norton Utilities Pro

PC Tools and Utility Program;

88% Norton Utilities. In the late 1990's, I used Norton Utilities and loved it. There were very few competing programs at that time. And it was the best utility software available, but that was over 20 years ago.

Today, it's still a fair option to clean your hard drive of junk files. It does lack the advanced system optimization tools of the better solutions.

10. Slimware SlimCleaner Pro

Clean Up Windows Software;

87% SlimCleaner Pro. An array of system maintenance utilities to keep your computer clean. Also helps to remove unwanted programs.

A pretty and colorful program that can struggle at times to optimize. In the end, performance was disappointing. Yet the interface was one of the simplest and easiest to use.

Other Considerations:

After testing, comparing, and reviewing to find this year's best PC optimizer, there were a few contenders that never quite made it to the top, but they were still good programs in their own right.

11. Comodo PC Tuneup - Was a little shallow in features. While a decent PC cleaner, it fell back with the lack of advanced optimization we have come to expect from today's more popular optimizer programs.

12. Anvisoft Cloud System Booster - As always, these cloud solutions sound good on paper, but the reality is the results were worse than standard pre-programmed solutions.

13. Jv16 PowerTools Pro - Includes a very detailed registry cleaner that performs really well, but it lacks the app's and tools needed to push your system to much faster speeds.

14. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer - We almost missed this one. It performed well enough, but it will need to provide a little more advanced optimization to satisfy speed hungry Windows' users.

15. Restoro - We had big hopes for this new entry, but it disappointed with below average results.

16. Asmwsoft PC Optimizer - Optimizes PC's from within a very simple interface, but it needs more features.

17. Pointstone System Cleaner - A junk file cleaner for Windows, it does a fine job of removing useless files and data from your computer. Needs more advanced features to become a leading solution.

18. 1-Click PC Care - The single click sounded good up front, but the overall performance was only fair.

19. Amigabit PowerBooster - With just OK results, it seems that PowerBooster is becoming one of those programs that is not being improved upon over the last few years.

20. WinUtilities Pro - WinUtilities Pro cleans your computer and can fix problems with a single click. More of a PC cleaner than a pure speed focused optimization program.

21. BoostSpeed - So many hoops to jump through to get the program, but not worth it in the end.

22-35 - Some of the bottom dwellers are certainly not worth listing here or anywhere - mostly for your protection, as a few of them were very harmful.

PC Tuneup Comparison

Here we compare the top 3 system optimizers. We included a few more of the detailed results to help you choose the best for your particular computer and needs.

PC Cleaner / Optimizer
(Results from April 2021 test)
365 Pro
Mechanic Pro
Final Rating: Excellent. Very Good. Good.
Optimize PC Speed: A+ B+ B-
Optimize Internet: A+ B B+
Slowdown Protection: A+ A A+
Clean Registry: A+ A+ A-
Optimize Registry: A+ A+ A
Improve Program Load Times: A+ A A-
Improve Computer Startup: A+ A+ B-
PC Gaming Improvement: A+ B+ B
Fix Problems & Errors: A A A-
Notebook Performance: A+ A- B+
Desktop Performance: A+ A A-
Optimize Windows 10: A+ A- A
Optimize Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP: A B- B+
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Test Analysis Score: 99% 95% 91%


PC optimization software is a collection of tuneup utilities programmed to improve slow computer performance by optimizing settings within the Windows operating system. This removes the speed-reducing default bottlenecks that are put in place for easier hardware compatibility for the PC manufacturers. Once optimized, all of the computer's hardware components - including the CPU, GPU, and RAM - will be able to utilize their full capacity, leading to improved performance.

All of the PC tuneup software on this page were the best in our tests. If I was to recommend one for everyone, from experts to new users - my best PC optimizer choice is absolutely Wise Care 365 Pro.

The reasons why are outlined in detail on this page. Simply put, it's the best because there's just no other program that can compete with its' advanced PC optimization features for the fastest speed gains, perfect repairs, and rock-solid stability.

Why do some other tech sites have a different opinion?

For over 20 years, I've been testing and personally using tuneup utilities while also writing my opinions of them on this site and a few others. One thing that has been constant is the multitude of emails I get from many of the software companies offering kickbacks and extraordinarily high commission rates to feature their software.

Since I've had a rewarding career as a programmer, I have been fortunate enough (through hard work) to be financially secure - now I'm happily semi-retired. So these offers don't have an affect on me, like they would on a tech site with a business bottom-line. Most importantly, I have never received one of these emails from WiseCare - and they've been around for over 10 years - that may explain the lack of enthusiasm on other tech sites. I commend the WiseCare team for focusing on the quality of their program and not becoming obsessed with marketing hype like most others. It's an intelligent strategy that I feel will help them win their due accolades in the end.

Of course, many other tech sites may not have tested the new 2021 advancements to WiseCare 365, or they haven't updated their lists in a long time. By the way, many tech sites just change a few words or the actual published date to look like they ran new tests and updated for the year - don't be fooled, some of those lists are ancient.

Final Word

Optimizing your PC can be complicated if you're into manually adjusting hundreds of settings and registry entries. Even a tech expert would never be able to manually adjust all of the hidden and locked settings within your computer.

Everyone needs their system to be the best it can be - and an optimizer will produce a super fast and perfectly running computer for as long as you own your PC. And it works with any desktop, notebook, or tablet running Windows.

If you decide to get a PC optimizer elsewhere, please be careful. There are more than a few with hidden malware and malicious code. All listed here on our web site have been fully scanned and proven to be safe and effective. Thanks for reading.

Author: SpeedupNew

SpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)

All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

Best PC Optimizer 2021

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