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Best Internet Optimizer 2021

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2021 Internet Optimizer Software | Fastest Internet Speed for PC

Last Updated: April 2, 2021

What is an Internet optimizer? It's software programmed to automatically optimize thousands of PC settings to get the fastest Internet speed, along with the best stability possible. Many of these settings are hidden and locked within Windows.

Internet problems and errors are caused by mis-configured or improper default settings, poorly programmed software, system corruption, and a plethora of other things. This can lead to slow Internet performance, or a completely non-functioning online connection. Internet optimizer software will correct all Internet problems, automatically.

Best Internet Optimizer of 2021 (Tested in April)

Internet Optimizer Research

"We tested over 30 Internet optimizers. Only one delivered increased Internet speed with perfect stability. It also repaired all problems on our error-filled test system. Many others gave smaller speed improvements with instability and annoying disconnects."

Here's the best internet optimizer after our 2021 tests. The top rated optimizer was easily the best for online and network speed - plus all-around stability. Great if you need to repair to your Internet or simply want to improve your Internet performance.

Recommended Internet Optimizer

1. WiseCare 365 Professional

"The only Internet optimizer that worked for us, out of the many we tried. Gives a truly impressive boost to your Internet connection and network speed - and it works with all types, including Fibre, Cable, DSL, Satellite, Dialup, and anything in between."

WiseCare 365 Pro Winner of the best PC optimizer 2021, the latest WC 365 version gave us the best Internet boost. It will completely optimize every Internet and network setting within Windows AND every program that uses your online connection. The advanced optimization works in real-time to continually and safely free memory (very important for HD video and large file downloads), adjust services and optimize all of your installed programs including your frequently used web browser.

"The best to improve Internet speed, fix and stabilize an online connection, or boost your local network performance."

Download either version of WiseCare 365 and you'll get a much faster Internet response rate along with super fast real-time protection to keep your Internet at peak performance. From the day you install it, to the day your PC is replaced - hopefully years from now.

"Got slow Internet or Network problems? Use WiseCare 365 PRO to help optimize any Internet connection or network and send your online speed soaring."

Boost Internet Speed GraphSpeed up Internet performance: Our top computer speed optimizer also takes the Internet crown. Today, computers rely on the Internet like it's a data drive. Whether it's updating Windows, downloading games, or watching streaming movies, you need to have the fastest possible connection.

Recommended for:
Anyone using the Internet on a daily basis who wants to improve the speed and stability of their connection. Improve ping rates for online gaming, watch web videos stutter-free, download large files much faster, update social sites quicker, and send chat comments or emails in a flash. If you're a web site developer, like me, you'll even be able to FTP your web pages and image files faster without those annoying delays.

Also was the best at fixing an online or network connection. It alleviates all of the annoying slowdowns and disconnects - while vastly improving Internet stability.

Optimize Internet SpeedThe best part of all - you'll enjoy faster Internet today, tomorrow, and for all of the remaining years, you own your computer.

Just updated, here's the latest WiseCare 365 download options. On that page, we also show you why this is the best choice for increasing your Internet speed - while providing rock-solid connection stability.

Works with: All old or new PC Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, & Tablets.

Any Internet Connection: Including Fibre, Cable, DSL, Satellite, Dialup, etc.

Operating System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista®, and Windows XP®
(All applicable 32 & 64bit


2. WinOptimizer

Adjusted global network settings adequately, but struggled with repair. It also optimized browser access speed - like our top choice above.

3. Advanced SystemCare

The Advanced SystemCare Internet Optimizer module adjusted Internet and network settings to a stable state, but came up short with only mild speed improvements.

4. System Mechanic Pro

Came in second place for improving Internet stability and repairing an Internet connection. However, it struggled with improving Internet speed.

5. Glary Utilities

Does a good job of fixing some Internet troubles, but not as comprehensive as the others in this list. It's fine for repairing a connection than an Internet accelerator.

6. Auslogics Internet Optimizer

An older program that has been very popular over the years, but it still lacks many of the Internet optimization features required to deal with today's modern online connections.

Other Considerations

TCP Optimizer

An older program developed for fine-tuning an Internet connection, and it does just that. Unfortunately, in today's online dependant world, everything access the Internet. To truly improve your connection, you need full optimization of your core OS and all programs that access the Internet. Only a full PC optimizer with Internet optimization can access and optimize thousands of those variables - all automatically.

Best Internet Optimizer to repair connections

Wise Care 365 Pro

"Besides great speed improvements, Wisecare 365 also did the best job at fixing stubborn Internet problems caused by corruption to Windows' ethernet and network settings. Easily repairs a corrupt Internet connection."

WiseCare 365Who should download WiseCare 365? Get WiseCare 365 if you have massive problems with your Internet connection. Highly recommended for its' outstanding Internet optimization - which can also repair many of the errors and problems eventually experienced by many users.

It will check your PC system completely and repair any errors and corruption that may have transpired over time. It will also provide real-time protection to keep your PC and Internet stable.

WiseCare 365 also deep cleans the registry to eliminate any errors and defunct entries to your Internet settings that may have been corrupted over time from installing and uninstalling software. In fact, this also will help to speed up your PC.

Yes, you will fix a broken Internet connection with WiseCare 365. If you also want superior speed results with very good repair functionality, this is the only choice that did all of that, at the highest level in our tests.

Works with: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP


Every PC will eventually become stagnated with errors causing slow stuttering Internet performance among other problems.

Is there anything more frustrating than an intermittent on and off Internet connection? Especially when you're playing an MMO or watching a streaming video.

There are many factors that can slow a connection, but the most common problems are based right from your computer's settings. using optimization software to improve PC speed will also help with every program and Windows service that accesses the Internet.

Why do I need an Internet Optimizer? Every PC will eventually experience corrupted or incorrect data values from many of the programs (legit and rogue) that access and change the very sensitive Internet settings within Windows and the registry.

Many of these Internet settings are locked to the user and you will need an Internet optimizer to access them. It will automatically optimize hundreds of areas on your PC to get the best Internet stability and fastest speed possible.

Final Word

What is the best Internet optimizer? Only WiseCare 365 Pro, was able to generate impressive speed gains to our Internet and overall system speed. Best of all, it works with all Internet connections and ISP's. Highly Recommended for anyone looking for a boost to their online speed.

Author: SpeedupNew

SpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)

All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

Best Internet Optimizer 2021

WiseCare 365: Download Options

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