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Best PC Optimizer 2018 - System Tune Up Software

Aug 12 2018

The top PC optimizer software below, delivered super speed results for all of our desktop and notebook computers. After comparing all of the leading PC optimization software, it gave the absolute fastest PC and Internet performance.

Best PC Optimization Software - Aug 2018

Best PC Optimizer Software of 2018

OUR MISSION: Find the Best Speed Results by Optimizing our PCs

The winner proved itself in every test we threw at it - PC & Internet speed, system repair, and stability.

The end result - it delivered the best speed resultss without causing any errors or problems. We wish we could say that about all of the optimizers tested.

Unfortunately there were a few real frustrating programs that caused havoc with our test systems. Of course they never made our list.

It's a shame that there's so many outdated optimizers currently tempting all of us to download their destructive code. If you do stray from our list, please be very careful and always scan the file with a good anti-virus before installing.

Here's the top-rated system optimizer (after our August 2018 tests) for superior computer and Internet speed. Plus it had perfect 100% stability - unlike many other PC boosters and tune-up utilities that had minor speed gains, with system instability.

Best PC Optimizer (Speed and Repair)

System Mechanic Professional

"Available in 2 versions - Pro and Regular. The better Pro version includes more advanced optimization features with the added benefit of real-time code and slowdown protection. These are the new highly advanced versions for 2018-2019."

System Mechanic ProBesides featuring the best PC optimization routines of 2018, the PRO version's security protection shields your system without sapping away performance - unlike many of the bulky security-only products. Also includes smart optimizations that continually and safely frees memory and other resources on the fly. This was the only optimizer that worked to continually speed up with perfect stability. All others had mild results in comparison. Click here to choose the best System Mechanic version for you. (Pro or Regular)

"Best PC and Internet optimization for less than many other bloated optimizers that are far less effective. Accelerates your PC to extreme speeds with improved stability."

( EDIT: The last few weeks, the PRO version was on sale, but it's ending soon. )

Basic VersionPlease Note: System Mechanic PRO (above) contains the same great optimization benefits of the regular version - shown to the right.

PLUS the PRO version has even more advanced features to continually keep your PC and Internet at maximum speed. While also providing rock-solid Windows' stability with advanced slowdown protection.

A serious speed-eccentric optimizer that surpasses other higher priced but less effective optimizers. Sure, the interface may need a little work, as it's a little bland, but the speed results and value easily make up for an interface that you will rarely see. With the mostly set it and forget it advanced optimization routines, you will simply be enjoying the added zippiness to your PC and Internet - instead of poking and prodding through the program like many of the other overly complicated, and less effective optimizers available online. If you invest in the Pro version, it will reward you with faster performance and a much more stable Windows environment to avoid any problems for the lifetime of your PC.

Why did it win BEST PC Speed Optimizer?

Quite frankly, I believe it's priced too low for all of the advanced optimization features included. Hopefully, the developers will continue to offer it at this low price, but I can't help but think they may eventually raise the price to the same level as other quality optimizers in the $50-$80 range.

Continually and effectively optimizes your PC and Internet. The automatic option will keep your system in a perfectly optimized state. The full system optimization improves startups, shutdowns, and more responsive performance for your PC and every program installed. You can easily set the real-time optimization to work on the fly to safely adjust system services and RAM.

Boosts the Internet response rate up to 300%, and will fully optimize the most popular web browsers for extreme surfing speed. Very detailed, and more importantly, safe registry cleaning with a built-in undo function. For those with hard disk drives, the advanced disk defragmentation will intelligently place important data to the high speed sweet spot of your drive for lightning fast data reading from the drive.

The automatic optimization settings are easily accomplished in the program. Even though the interface is not as graphically pretty as many others, I believe it's intentional to make it easier to quickly learn the program. However, once you spend some time with this optimizer, you soon realize, the bulk of the important optimization routines can be accessed by clicking the less than prominent "PC TotalCare" button within the "Toolbox" tab under the "All-in-one tools". The true optimization power is behind that very key button.

Since the Basic and Pro versions are fairly close in price, I recommend getting the Pro version for it's comprehensive optimization and slowdown protection - it worked alongside all of our current background stability test programs without any problems. But if you're content with your current Internet security regime, the Basic version will certainly suffice.

Recommended for : Users looking for extreme PC and Internet speed. There are various download options for System Mechanic and I recommend the Pro version versus the less powerful basic version. You'll get a lot more.

Conclusion: The answer is clear. System Mechanic (SM) Pro gets our full recommendation. You'll get innovative optimizer technology that is easy to use and will indeed unlock the major optimizing opportunities that sadly lay dormant on most every computer system. If you're tired of the default settings that are put in place to keep the PC manufacturers' job easier, it's time to access the true power of your computer system. The surefire way to boost your computer speed while improving stability, there's none better than System Mechanic.

The Pro version's code protection works tenaciously to protect your PC without sapping away any performance - unlike many of the bulky, and overdone security-only products. Also includes smart optimizations that continually and safely frees memory and other resources on the fly. If you want a budget friendly, yet leading edge optimizer that will impress with new zippiness to your PC and Internet, this is easily the optimizer choice for you.

It's certainly affordable, to the point that I believe it's actually under priced - especially if you're lucky enough to catch SM Pro on sale. You can quickly check here to see if the sale price is currently being offered.

Works with: All old or new PC Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops & Tablets running...
Microsoft Windows® 10. 8, 7, Vista, and XP
Download Size: 37.7 MB

Best Registry Cleaner (for Windows Repair)

WiseCare 365 Pro

"Fixes and perfectly stabilizes your PC with a comprehensive repair module. Add in the new feature to protect your system in real-time, and WiseCare 365 propels itself into the top system utility slot for best PC repair optimizer."

WiseCare 365Looking for a premium PC optimizer that delivers state of the art repair and speed improvements in minutes? Not only is this one of the most comprehensive system cleaners we have used, it also has one of the fastest scan speeds. It will fix a problematic computer that has slowed down significantly or is showing signs of trouble. It will repair issues such as hanging on shutdown, boot problems, crashes, or computer freeze-ups. When a PC starts struggling and produces major errors, or a multitude of small ones, it's time for a complete repair with this excellent repair utility.

Why did it win BEST REPAIR and PC cleaning optimizer?

The built-in PC Checkup will completely scan your computer and display a PC Health score. From here, it's as simple as selecting the "Fix" button. Of course, you have complete control over what gets fixed and there's detailed explanations of every problem that's discovered.

After you have regained perfect stability, it will work hard to make sure you never have problems again. You can even set it to monitor your PC for a few days after the fix to see if any other problems will appear. If any show up, just perform a System Tuneup or run another full checkup.

If you don't have any more problems after monitoring for a week, you should be 100% error free and you can shut down the monitoring if you wish. From this point on, you will have a perfectly stable PC, fully optimized, and ready for anything you throw at it.

Recommended for: Users tired of system crashes and other problems that hinder PC performance and risk data loss. Also does a fine job of optimizing your PC after the repairs and thorough cleaning are complete. Want to prevent data loss, and stay as far away from your Windows install disk as possible? Use this Windows repair software to fix and solve all of your PC stability problems, quickly and easily.

Works with: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
Download Size: 8.31 MB

Best PC Booster 2018 (Easiest to Use)

PowerBooster Pro

"A simple and easy to use PC optimizer. Great for novice users - Especially if they're shy about clicking into advanced optimizer features which can be a little intimidating to the new PC user."

PowerBoosterGive me easy PC optimization. Powerbooster was awarded our Easiest Auto-Optimizer. If you're a beginner computer user and don't want to learn a more sophisticated program, you may want to consider this PC booster program. However, If you're only going to be satisfied with the best for extreme speed optimization, then you will want to consider the top-rated optimizer, System Mechanic Pro over PowerBooster.

Why did it win the best automatic PC Optimizer?

Slow PC speed is everyone's problem eventually. It's just the way it works. Unfortunately, many users don't have the technical know-how to dig into the Windows' registry, appdata, programdata, index.dat files, and other hidden areas of their PC. SpeedBooster does all of that and more automatically.

Due to the disaster that can strike just by making one mistake, many users prefer automatic PC optimizers to safely optimize their computer. PowerBooster stands out and does an excellent job of automatic optimization. Hundreds of safely performed tweaks that would take an expert weeks, maybe months to accomplish.

Recommended for: Those who don't want to spend a lot of time learning a complex new program, but still want extreme speed increases. PowerBooster is a great option whether this is your first PC booster or you're an experienced optimization enthusiasts who just wants desired results automatically and immediately.

Works with: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
Download Size: 8.46 MB

Best PC Utilities 2018 (for System Repair)

Glary Utilities Pro

"A Windows system utility that provides a modest PC tuneup. Although it lacks numerous advanced optimization features of the leading optimizers, it still does an adequate job to keep your PC stable with just a slight performance boost."

Glary Utilities Box and ScreenshotThe spartan interface is the give-away that Glary Utilities will deliver a tuning experience that is meant to be simple and fast. Nothing fancy here, and there's not anything wrong with that, but we feel it needs more of the advanced features of the others to truly compete.

It does have over 20 tools to help you fix and speed up your PC. We have used better optimizers this year, but as Glarys Utilities continues to improve, we'll keep a close eye on it and be sure to update our rankings if it can improve a little more on the optimization side of things. Does everything well, just not the best in any particular category.

Recommended for: Really, only for those who want a quick and easy repair to Windows problems. While it does an adequate PC cleaning, it's more than a little weak on full optimization. Unfortunately, it's what's missing that is the problem. While many others do have a slicker interface, they also have the goods with much more advanced optimization routines that performed much better than Glary Utilities. Because as it stands now, it needs a few more additions to be considered a leader in any of the key optimization categories. You'll do much better moving up the list to a more advanced and effective optimizer.

Works with: All old or new PC Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, & Tablets running...
Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista®, and XP®
(All applicable 32 & 64bit)

MSRP: $39.95
Download Size: 16.41 MB

Best Windows 10 Optimizer (Simple to Use)


"With the WinOptimizer program, you will only get minor speed increases. Contains one of the easiest to use interfaces we encountered. An OK choice for new computer users that want a lightweight optimizer."

WinOptimizer Box and ScreenshotFull and direct Windows optimization that optimizes your system without going into the dangerous zone - unlike so many of the poorly programmed inferior optimizers that never made it to our list.

Provides steady speed increases. Repels slowdowns caused by unnecessary running processes, unkempt memory resources, and poorly configured default settings that plague many computers right out of the gate.

If you're a completely new PC user, you may find WinOptimizer to be very easy to use because of the very simplified interface. However, if you just take your time and read everything carefully, you'll certainly be better served by getting the leading speed optimizer, System Mechanic Pro above - while it takes a little more to learn for newer PC users.

Recommended for: Users who want an extremely simple PC optimizer designed to help new users handle some of Windows intricacies. However, we can't help but think we're settling for less compared to other options higher up in our list. So if you believe you're determined to learn more about your computer over time, I would just jump into a better optimization program like System Mechanic to get the absolute best results possible. Because after some time using WinOptimizer, you may wish for more and end up getting another tuneup utility with more power in the near future.

Works with: All old or new PC Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, & Tablets running...
Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista®, and XP® (All applicable 32 & 64bit)
Download Size: 25.56 MB

Best PC Cleaner (Remove Junk Files)

Advanced SystemCare Pro

"Clean the junk files and registry data that clutters your system and slows it down."

Advanced SystemCare ProIObit's Advanced SystemCare was one of our favorites a few years ago, but lately it has been passed by more advanced programs. it still does a good job of cleaning, junk files but the program seems to need an overhaul to keep up in the optimization department.

Clean and optimize your system with ASC's junk file cleaning, system and disk optimization, privacy sweep, and registry clean. It has more options, but nothing on the level of the higher-rated optimizers up at the top of our list.

With ASC you get fair-grade system tuneup utilities with Windows problem solving capabilities. These repair modules are simple to use and very effective.

Once you're fully in the program, you'll be able to set up for a Windows tuneup and further optimizations with just a few clicks. While most optimization software available today have repair modules included, only a few are capable of truly fixing serious Windows errors - and Advanced SystemCare disappoints in comprehensive repairing. It can not compete with higher-tier programs like System Mechanic Pro..

Advanced SystemCare is easy to use for new users, who are the most susceptible to problems. But if you've had your PC for awhile and have no problems understanding and navigating through software interfaces, you may want to choose System Mechanic over ASC to get the serious speed boost after all of your PC problems are corrected.

Recommended for: Consider Advanced SystemCare if you're a new user and want an easy and effective cleaning, but choose System Mechanic (above) if you want a great repair function that also brings leading class speed gains with continual optimization. If your PC is full of problems, or you want the fastest speed increases, you're not going to find it with Advanced SystemCare.

Those who have used this system cleaner in the past, may want to hold on to their allegiance because they're familiar with the program. However, you will be missing out on the more advanced features of the much better optimization software released this year.

Works with: All old or new PC Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, & Tablets running...
Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
(All applicable 32 & 64bit)
Download Size: 28.3 MB

Best Tune up Software (for Repair Only)

AVG Tuneup

"Need a quick PC tuneup? AVG Tuneup performed reasonably well, but there are other optimization programs that will serve you better."

A fine Windows tuneup utility, AVG Tuneup claims to make old PCs live longer and new PCs run faster.

That's our goal as well. However, we found the other system tuners in our list to be more productive at increasing speed and cleaning our PCs of junk files.

AVG Tuneup ScreenshotIt's also somewhat expensive compared to better options out there, but it may be worth getting if you are already invested in their Anti-Virus program - to keep all of your eggs in one basket. They also have an AVG Ultimate edition that includes their Anti-Virus and Tuneup products in one easy to use security/optimization suite.

The cleaning utility included with AVG Tuneup did an adequate job, while the repair functioning was also above par compared to many other system tuning programs we tried. Just like all of the best solutions listed here, it can remedy a problem-plagued PC. However, we are optimization enthusiasts and will only settle for the best speed increases with rock-solid and error-free performance - and that's where AVG Tuneup fell behind a little for us.

Works with: All old or new PC Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, & Tablets running...
Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista®, and XP® (All applicable 32 & 64bit)
Download Size: 3.0 MB (web installer)

Compare the Best PC Optimizers of 2018

Top rated optimizers for superior speed results while maintaining stability

We compared all of the optimizers available to find the best PC optimization software for your Windows' system. Based on 30 variables, the final results are formulated based on a scale of importance concerning optimization.

As you can see by the sudden drop in scores from #1 to #3, in the chart below, the leader was by far the best of all the programs we tested. Oh, on a side note, sorry about the fragmented sentences, my English teacher always said it was futile to try and correct my runaway writing style - maybe that was a compliment, sort of ;-)

Compare PC Optimizer Software
Best PC Optimizers
Comparison (August 2018)
Recommended for...
Best in these classes
PC Cleaner
Current Sale:
$34.97 30 days
$39.95 N/A
30 days
$29.95 N/A
30 days
$39.99 60 days
Final Overall Score: 99% 95% 91% 90%
Optimize PC Speed: 99 96 91 93
Optimize Internet:
98 97 92 92
Slowdown Protection: 99 N/A N/A 91
Clean Registry: 98 96 98 92
Improve PC Startup: 99 91 88 88
Improve PC Gaming: 99 94 91 91
Automatic Control: 99 92 87 89
Ease of Use: 98 96 91 92
22 Other Variables: 99 97 89 92
See our full PC Optimizer Software Comparison

2018 Review Scores and Rankings

We recently ran through the entire gamut of optimization downloads to re-evaluate and review all of the software solutions available to optimize, speed up, and repair your system.

What is the best PC optimizer? Top 5 things we looked for:

  1. Optimizes intelligently based on system configuration.
  2. Has the ability to adapt to any updates and changes to Windows.
  3. Advanced continual optimization prevents future slow-down.
  4. Fastest PC and Internet speed results; Both are essential today.
  5. 100% stable; Never sacrifices system stability and capable of a perfect Windows repair.

This year, the old master (System Mechanic Pro) got even better than last year, allowing it to climb even further ahead of the competition than previously. There were a few completely new entries this year, but none of them made it near our top list.

We don't foresee any of the programs changing any more this year. So these rankings should be considered the final results for this year, but we'll give you early warning if there's something new on the horizon. Sorry, we don't have time to maintain an email list, so you'll need to bookmark this page to keep up to date.

Of course, every month we re-visit our evaluation process and sometimes make tweaks to the formulas, but nothing earth-shattering that will change many scores. Nonetheless, every month, an updated monthly result will appear - which may change some of the lower rankings that are close in score. OK, enough rambling, here is 2018's definitive PC optimizer list.

System Mechanic Pro1. System Mechanic Professional

99% Our recommended pick for all PC users who want the most advanced optimization available. The Pro version of System Mechanic boosted our speed the most, and improved stability to a perfect state. Also absolves your system of all problems and even prevents any future ones from developing.

Editor's Update: Worth it at retail price, but now it's even easier to recommend at the lowest price we've seen - that is, if you read this before the offer expires :-)

Super speed results, comprehensive repair, and improved stability; every day until your PC is replaced - years from now. It's easy to use, simply let it automatically optimize your system in mere minutes. System Mechanic Pro gets our highest recommendation.

System Mechanic2. System Mechanic (Regular Version)

95% This lighter version of System Mechanic provides a fair boost to your computer speed. However, it falls back on keeping your system clean and running perfectly like the much more advanced Pro version.

WiseCare 3653. WiseCare 365 Pro

91% The best system utility to easily fix PC problems, WiseCare 365 Pro provided a thorough cleaning and fixed most errors on our troubled Windows' test computers. Although the top pick in our optimizer list also has excellent repair, but with much more comprehensive optimization.

PowerBooster4. PowerBooster Pro

90% A great choice for new PC users, Powerbooster is very easy to use and provides an adequate boost to system performance. Keep in mind though, the better optimizing programs above only take a few minutes to learn the ropes, and they also have automatic settings.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Box and Screenshot5. Advanced SystemCare

90% Both versions of Advanced SystemCare (Pro and Ultimate) give you top-grade system tune up utilities with good Windows problem solving capabilities. The Ultimate version also includes a good but not leading-edge anti-virus and anti-spyware.

WinOptimizer Box and Screenshot6. WinOptimizer

89% With the WinOptimizer program, you will get faster speed for your Windows PC through one of the easiest to use interfaces. A good option (but not the best) for new computer users that want lightweight optimization from an extremely simple PC optimizer.

AVG Tuneup Screenshot7. AVG Tuneup

88% AVG's Windows tuning utility, AVG Tuneup, claims to make old PCs live longer and new PCs run faster. If you need a quick PC tune-up, it performed reasonably well, but there are other optimization programs above that will certainly serve you better.

Glary Utilities Box and Screenshot8. Glary Utilities

87% A good Windows system utility that provides a modest PC tune up. Although Glary Utilities does lack numerous advanced optimization features of the leading optimizers, it still does an adequate job to keep your PC stable with just a slight performance boost.

Advanced System Optimizer9. Advanced System Optimizer

87% A simple program to use, Advanced System Optimizer has decent computer optimization routines that will slightly speed up your PC, but not to the level of the top programs. There's no Internet optimizer module, so if that's important, you may want to choose another option.

Winutilities10. WinUtilities Pro

85% WinUtilities Pro cleans your PC and can fix problems with a single click. More of a cleaning optimizer than a pure speed focused optimization program. If you want more effective speed gains and stability, you will serve yourself better by going much higher up our list.

PowerSuite11. PowerSuite Pro

84% While PowerSuite looks slick and appears to offer all of the essential features you're looking for in an optimizer, the end results are not as impressive as others. Unfortunately it struggles to keep up with the more modern PC optimization programs, but it's still a decent cleaning tool.

12 to 25    Other PC Optimizers (Average Score)

81%There were some strong contenders that never quite made it to the top. What about "free" PC optimizer downloads? Of course, we also tried "free" PC optimizer software, but were left disappointed and annoyed. Spyware, crashes, hidden malicious code, and our favorite, the reduced speed from the continual adware attacks and sending our data from our systems to their spying databases. Suffice to say, many of the free download options were ineffective for improving speed, in fact, most of them slowed or harmed our systems. While some were clean, their very minor performance gains were not worth the time to download.

Our Insight and Test Results

Hours upon hours have gone into the results you see here today. Every month we re-evaluate the scores and make adjustments as necessary. By choosing any of the software listed in our ratings, you will get an optimization program that is safe and effective.

Of course, the higher up you go in our list, the better optimization you will experience. Based on the curve of reduced performance, I would recommend staying within the top 3 programs. And definitely go with the top optimizer program, System Mechanic Pro, if you're looking for excellent speed improvements with perfect stability.

Unbiased Reviews, Comparisons, and How We Tested

First, a little about me. Just over 20 years ago, I downloaded my first computer cleaning tool, the old Norton's Utilities. it was a good program but complicated to use. Today's PC cleaners are much more advanced to do a lot more than just clean the junk and crud from your system.

Over the last 20 years, I have tried and tested all of the optimizing and cleaning programs available to improve my PC and Internet performance. There have been some tough times with junkware, amateur programming code, and ransomware.

The reward I get from reviewing PC cleaners is showcasing the real programs that work as advertised - plus I get to warn people of any scams currently circulating. We take great pride in providing you with unbiased reviews as we compare the true strengths of each program while pointing out any weaknesses.

We use a multitude of computers (desktops and notebooks) to test and evaluate each software we review. From an already fast Windows 10 gaming PC to my old Windows 7 work computer, we have boosted speed in both of these systems through optimization and cleaning software. Of course, our current favorite is System Mechanic Pro, as it does both of these at the highest level, in one easy to use software suite.

I'm new here. What exactly is PC optimization software?

PC optimization software is a program (usually available as an instant download online) to help improve the performance of your computer system. It may have different utilities built-in, to improve specific areas of your system. These may include an Internet optimization module and repair tools to help solve various Windows problems and errors. A registry cleaner is commonly part of a PC optimization suite and should always be used with caution. Although, we have had nothing but perfect results with the latest PC optimizers in our recent review and comparison tests.

Optimizing your PC can be complicated if you're into manually adjusting hundreds of settings and registry entries. Even a tech expert would never be able to manually adjust all of the hidden and locked settings within your computer.

That's where a good PC optimization download can bring life back to both an older Windows computer, or even a new Windows 10 PC. Whether your laptop, desktop, or tablet PC is on the low-end hardware-wise, or it has the fastest CPU and graphics card available, you'll still benefit from optimization software making your system the best it can be.

Should I Download a Windows Optimization Program?

Perfect optimization is only possible with advanced PC optimizer software such as listed on this page. It will automatically fine-tune your PC and corresponding programs to provide blazing fast speed gains while improving system stability.

Every computer user needs their system to be the best it can be - and an optimizer will produce a super fast and perfectly performing computer for as long as you own your PC. And it works with any desktop, notebook, or tablet running Windows.

You'll get faster boot-ups, program launches, better web page delivery, improved download speeds, and an overall improved responsiveness to everything you do on your computer. This also includes anything you do online, since your Internet settings and web browser will be optimized as well.

Free Download Temptations - RansomWare Warning

You've probably seen the overly-aggressive ads, of free PC optimization downloads promising to improve your PC speeds and repair problems instantly. Do you believe any company would offer such a remarkable piece of software for free? It's all an attractive scam to lure you into downloading their free junkware with infected code.

Recently, it got so bad that Microsoft had to create an update to Windows. There's now a warning before Windows will install these RansomWare programs. A friend of mine installed one of these recently. It could not be uninstalled by normal means and it kept bothering her to pay $50 for the full version of the software to fix the critical errors that were causing her PC to not run. That program created those problems and the only way for a casual PC user to fix it was to buy the full version of the RansomWare.

I taught her how to use Windows System Restore to rewind her PC back to a time before the RansomWare was installed. That solved the problem. Of course she also made a promise to never download free junkware again. However, sometimes you download some of these scams as a side installation to a trusted program. Be very careful to uncheck any boxes for additional software when you're downloading any program you trust. And always run any free download through a good online virus scanner before installing.

Free PC Optimization Software vs Real-Working PC Optimizers

Many free optimization downloads are all the same program in differing interfaces. The interfaces are usually cool-looking and enticing, but underneath the code is amateurish, outdated, and a threat to the stability of your PC. They have buttons that act more as a pacifier for your growing frustration - as they seem to do nothing. However, behind the scenes, the spyware will silently scan your PC for any personal data and send it to their spying databases. This constant invisible intrusion to your PC's resources, actually leads to slower PC and Internet speed - which is the complete opposite of what they offered for free in the first place.

We will always list authentic optimization software, that is professionally engineered by programming experts who take great pride in their software and deservedly charge a reasonable price for their hard work. They consider you their valued customers - and not an expendable product, as the free junkware peddlers do.

If you decide to get an optimizer elsewhere, free or otherwise, please be careful. During our review phase, we encountered more than a few optimizers with hidden malware and malicious code.

What is the Best PC Optimizer for my computer?

The top optimizers in our reviews were very flexible and worked perfectly for all Windows PCs - whether old or new. To narrow it down to your particular system, just consider the top three PC optimizers we listed above for each particular category.

Although, System Mechanic Pro won best speed optimization for your PC and Internet - it also does a great job at repairing and keeping your system stability in a perfect state. Even though we recommend different optimizers for a quick repair, and for beginners - I would still choose the more thorough optimization of System mechanic Pro in those cases. Simply because it has more comprehensive repair functionality that may take longer to fix things, but the results will be better in the end. Also, within just a few minutes of using System Mechanic Pro, you'll easily be able to optimize your PC and Internet automatically - and you'll be getting a more in-depth optimization program than a more simplistic, but not as effective alternative.

Clean your Junk Files and Optimize to Boost PC Speed

Most cleaning utilities merely remove all the unnecessary junk files on your drive. The more in-depth ones will also clean the Windows registry. The best PC cleaning software will do the aforementioned plus run a full optimization on all of your inaccessible system settings to improve speed significantly. Besides the major speed boost to your PC and Internet, your system's stability will also be improved.

All of the cleaner downloads in our list above, clean all junk files, perform a safe and deep registry cleaning, and optimize every setting and installed program to boost PC speed and even accelerate your Internet connection.

What is the best way to clean my PC junk files?

You could spend hours upon hours manually going through all of your data and files - but you will never be able to do it in your lifetime. There are thousands of junk files put on every PC from the original installation and the only way to clear out all of that junk is using a software solution.

Add in all of the installs and uninstalls you have performed since getting your PC and the junk build-up grows significantly. Of course, your Internet files also build into a mass of data that can slow your Internet speed after just a few months.

After looking at all of the junk files found on my latest Windows 10 system, I was shocked at the difference in system speed after cleaning with System Mechanic Pro. And that was only the cleaning, after the full optimization, the speed really took off. The difference between a regular run of the mill PC cleaner and the full optimization and deep cleaning of System Mechanic Pro is like night and day. It was well worth the small cost for a perfect running PC with the best speed results in all of our tests.


You rely on your Windows computer to perform flawlessly, otherwise your computing time can be frustrating. By cleaning and optimizing your PC to be the best it can be, you will experience a much faster and more responsive system. You'll have faster bootups and improved responsiveness as every program starts and closes quicker.

Since all computers are online continuously, it's important to have the fastest and most resilient connection possible. Our top pick, will also give you the best Internet optimization available. Faster web surfing, emailing, video streaming, and anything else you do online will be quick and more responsive.

All listed here on our web site have been fully scanned and proven to be safe and very effective. They were the best in our tests. If I was to recommend one optimizer for everyone, from experts to new users, my top choice is absolutely System Mechanic Pro. There's just no other program that can compete with its' advanced optimization features. Thanks for reading.

Best PC Optimizer 2018

Best PC Optimizer