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Best PC Optimizer 2021 | Windows 10, 8, 7

Last Updated: August 4, 2021

We looked for the best PC optimizer currently available, to find which one was the best at improvinging Windows computers. After researching all of the leading PC optimizing software, only one, gave the absolute fastest PC speed and Internet.

Top PC Optimizer Software 2021

A well-used PC will build junk and eventually slow down. The best tuneup software below will bring slow computer performance back to the fastest speed again. The winner was the only one to improve PC speed considerably - making it well worth getting.

This is the best PC optimization software for a serious boost to your computer and Internet speed.

Plus, it maintained actually improved stability - unlike many of the other tune-up utilities that slowed performance and crashed our PCs.

Best PC Optimizer 2021

1. Smart Utilities

"While you can get the 3 optimization modules separately, combining all 3 creates an excellent optimization state for any Windows laptop or desktop."

You'll get innovative PC optimizer technology that is easy to use and will indeed unlock the major optimizing opportunities that sadly lay dormant on most every computer system.

If you want a budget friendly, yet leading edge PC optimizer that will impress with new zippiness to your computer and Internet, this is easily the best optimizer choice for you.

PC Services Optimizer 4
Game Fire 6
PC Startup Master 3

Works with: All old or new PC Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops & Tablets running...
Microsoft Windows® 10. 8, 7, and Vista

2. WiseCare 365 Pro

While the interface looks a little bland, the powerful cleaning and optimization routines are easily accessed. There's a mountain of manual settings to play with for anyone who wants to dig deep into the program. the rest of us will be content simply clicking the "All-in-one" tools to automatically perform the most comprehensive PC cleaning and optimization currently available.

Also has one of the best registry cleaners, to stabilize your Windows computer. That's important because you don't want an amateur program messing with your core registry settings. Cleans defunct data entries that may secretly store usage information and defrags the registry file size for optimum stability and speed.

The Privacy Protector included within WC 365 Pro starts with a thorough cleaning of Internet history.

The results were decent, as it cleaned many traces of our Internet tracks within seconds.

It was great to see privacy cleaning options.

It gets better for those of us who want things easy and automatic. Once you've done the initial cleaning and optimizing, you can set WiseCare 365 Pro to keep your PC in better running order. The Pro versions slowdown and security protection keeps problems from developing.

"Like most cleaners available today, Wise Care 365 cleans your PC of intrusive data at Dod standards. It's a complete erasure with the file deletion process - that means the data is truly gone forever - unlike Windows recycle bin which keeps data lingering on your PC."

The slowdown protection will eliminate bottlenecks, viruses, and anything else that will interfere with your system's responsiveness.

Cleans many files types. We used the "Recommended" selection shown in the image to completely remove hidden files. To say this is an important privacy feature is an understatement as many sneaky programs hide usage data within these files. Be careful though, if you choose to "Select All" you may remove important files that some of your installed programs need to work properly.

Recommendation: If you're looking for a simple and budget-friendly PC optimizer, get WiseCare 365 Pro.

3. System Mechanic Professional

"Includes excellent optimization with an added benefit of real-time code protection. Prevents any slowdown and provides continual PC and Internet optimization. Just updated, this is the new highly advanced version for 2020-2021."

Besides featuring some of the the best optimization routines of 2021, the PRO version's security protection protects your PC without sapping away any performance - unlike many of the bulky, and overdone security-only products. Also includes smart optimizations that continually and safely frees memory and other resources on the fly. If you want an intelligent optimizer that continually speeds up your PC and Internet connection, System Mechanic Pro deserves strong consideration.

Recommendation: If you're looking to repair a broken Windows install, System Mechanic Pro is your go to choice with an extensive array of utilities to get your computer back to a like-new state.

3. Glary Utilities Pro

System utility tool for cleaning junk files and performing maintenance on your PC.

Glary Utilities has a more hands-on approach compared to many of the other cleaning downloads we tried. It throws a fairly complicated opening screen at you that takes a little time to digest.

Once you take the time to see what it offers, you soon realize, this program expects more out of you than many others. You'll have to approach every change you make with caution and I would suggest only using this cleaner if you have serious PC problems that need repair. Otherwise, you may want to choose a more user-friendly cleaning app on our list.

Recommendation: Since it lacks many optimization functions of the above cleaners, I would only consider Glary utilities if you want an in-depth repair tool for a problem-filled PC. Otherwise, take the speed gains and perfect cleaning from the top program in our list.

4. Comodo PC Tuneup

A quick clean to your PC. Finds and removes duplicate files.

Comodo PC Tuneup has a force delete function to get rid of hard to delete files. While that's a nice feature, it still doesn't make up for the lack of cleaning and optimization of this tool.

More of a Windows problem solver, this program can clean your system of clutter, just not as comprehensively as the others in our list.

Recommended for: If you want a simple utility program to help fix and find problems, it does a good job. I just wouldn't count on it for a full cleaning or making my PC much faster.

5. Advanced System Optimizer

Cleans out duplicate files from your computer. Also includes disk cleaning.

Advanced System Optimizer has a wide array of cleaning functions, but none are the best in each category. The optimization benefits are limited with a regular maintenance utility included. No Internet optimizer included.

The surprising lack of an Internet optimization module was sorely missed considering everything we do today relies on our Internet connection in one way or another.

Recommendation: While still a fair optimizing program, you can do a lot better at a lower cost higher up our list.


You rely on your Windows computer to perform flawlessly, otherwise your computing time can be frustrating. By optimizing your PC to be the best it can be, you will experience a much faster and more responsive system. You'll have faster bootups and improved responsiveness as every program starts and closes quicker.

We hope you enjoyed our article on optimizing your PC through a software solution. Thanks for reading.

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