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Best PC Repair Software to Fix Windows

Last Updated: August 4, 2021

Fix and clean your PC with the top PC repair software. A slow and sporadic performing Windows computer will continue to get worse over time. Use the best repair tool of this year to bring back your computer to a 100% stable state.

Top Repair Software 2021

After researching all of the leading PC Optimizer Software, we created this list to showcase the finest options to fix your Windows PC, improve speed, and increase overall stability. We created problem-filled laptop and desktop research systems.

Best PC Repair of 2021

1. System Mechanic Professional

"The most comprehensive repair tool currently available to repair a PC.."

System Mechanic with screenshotWith System Mechanic Pro, you will be able to bring back your PC to a like-new state and rid yourself of those problematic and lingering errors. Of all the PC optimizers we tried and researched, System Mechanic Pro delivered full repair every time. It does an incredible job of finding errors that are well hidden deep within the Windows operating system. What's not to like here, perfect repairs on a smooth running machine that stays that way, as any future slowdowns and problems are immediately nipped in the bud.

System Mechanic Pro solves stubborn PC problems that many other optimization programs overlook. That is its' true strength, full and extensive repair with advanced optimization to improve PC and Internet performance.

Let me explain how many PC problems manifest themselves. Annoying errors are sometimes caused by weak uninstalls by shoddily programmed software. The leftover remnants in the Windows registry can cause corruption affecting your system speed and stability. By running the comprehensive System Mechanic Pro repair scan, the registry cleaner will find every leftover registry entry, the full PC scan will also check every hidden folder including anything left over in the hidden ProgramData and AppData folders for defunct or corrupt files that may be causing problems.

Once fully repaired, you'll have a faster and certainly much more stable computer to get back to doing what you like most about computing. Use your PC like when it was new, without having to worry about those nasty crashes, delays, freezes, and other problems that are the bane of every user.

Recommended for... those who need to fix a slow PC or a problem-filled computer. Even great for perfectly running PC's to make sure they never nudge towards any problems. If you want perfect stability along with your PC performing even better than when it was new, get the Pro version of System Mechanic. It had the leading repair results from our our problem-filled laptop and desktop research systems.

Works with: All old or new PC Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops & Tablets running...
Microsoft Windows® 10. 8, 7

2. Wise Care 365

"A collection of utilities and tools to help fix PC problems and prevent them from returning. A distant second, as it lagged behind our top pick considerably."

Wise Care 365 Pro Wise Care 365 pro is an excellent system repair utility. It uses a very complex repair module to go deep within your system settings and make repairs. The result will be a trouble-free PC with much better overall speed.

The optimization engine works within the Windows OS to clear problems and find any potential future ones, Safe and fairly easy to use, but some inexperienced users may find it a little too complicated, but if you take your time, and simply use the automatic functions at the beginning, you should have no problems at all. In fact, most every repair and optimization can be achieved with just a few clicks, but more intricate and complicated settings are there in case you need to dig a little deeper to fix a problem.

3. Advanced SystemCare Pro

"Another good system repair tool. Fix your PC, then optimize it to improve speed with the optimization engine."

Advanced SystemCare UltimateAdvanced SystemCare is a good system tuneup utility. It can deliver a very thorough fix for most troubled Windows' computer.

After it fixes your PC, you'll be able to go full out with the included advanced performance optimization to give you slightly better speed and improved stability.

There's a fine selection of tools included. Many need to be downloaded as separate installs due to the focused nature of the repair or tuneup module. The advanced uninstaller helps solve many problems. Also does a fair job of repairing Internet connectivity problems with the Internet optimizer module. Using these network optimizations, your connectivity may be fixed of any connection issues and, if successful, actually boost your overall Internet speed.

Whether you have system errors or connection drop-outs, ASC Pro or Ultimate can help to fix your PC problem. We prefer the Ultimate version because it includes an excellent malicious code scan which can help repair and protect against serious security issues caused by malware.


Your computer crashed. Will it boot up again. It does, but now what? Get a system repair utility as fast as possible to fix your PC so you don't lose your valuable data and program's custom settings. These system tuneup software solutions will bring back your PC to the confident and well working machine it was before any of those annoying problems started cropping up.

It's an easy decision for us to recommend System Mechanic Pro as it provided the only 100% perfect repair results on our research systems. However, it goes beyond that. The continual PC optimization will significantly improve PC and Internet performance, while keeping your system's stability at a rock-solid state.

With every problem nipped in the bud, your laptop or desktop PC will remain in perfect running condition over its' entire lifetime. Worth it for the perfect repair and stability performance. Worth it for the stress it will save you over the years.

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