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Increase PC Speed with the Fastest Optimizers

The best way to increase PC speed is through optimization software. The Windows optimization software in our list produced the fastest speed results in our latest round of optimizer comparison tests using over 30 different variables.

If you're looking for a serious program to increase your PC speed, the answer is either version of System Mechanic. Also works to solve slowdown problems on your system that need to be repaired in order to fully speed up your PC.

The Fastest Windows Optimizer for 2019


Wise Care 365 Pro

Wise Care 365Boasting one of the fastest scans available, Wise Care can fix your PC quickly and efficiently - but it's the super speed gains in the latest edition that gets our approval.

The interface is a little confusing at first, but once your eyes adjust to the colorful palette, it becomes quite easy. Fixes a multitude of Windows errors and system problems. Also includes an excellent cleaning utility to get rid of junk files and other unnecessary storage stealing system files. The optimization benefits of Wise Care gave the fastest PC and Internet speed results for all of our laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Recommended for: Users who want the best speed optimizer software currently available. If you need the most responsive computing environment imaginable with an accelerated Internet connection to boot, Wise Care 365 is the answer.


  • Easy to use, improves speed to everything installed on your PC and rockets the Internet and Network speed to the stratos-sphere.
  • New advanced version has a much faster scan speed.
  • Fixes and repairs more complicated Windows errors than most.


  • Having your PC scold you for not optimizing earlier.


System Mechanic Pro Version

"Speed up your PC to the absolute fastest possible level with rock-solid stability. Best of all, you'll never have your PC slow down again with the continual optimization."

System Mechanic ProBoth versions (Pro and Basic) of System Mechanic (SM) are complete PC optimizer programs.

Much safer than dangerous overclocking of hardware components which can lead to electronic degradation over time.

SM gives you faster overall PC speed, including a full optimization of Windows. SM Pro includes the same great optimization modules as the Basic version. Pro also gives you a stabilized environment .

While not as impressive as WC 365, it does a great job of finding problems and errors that can lead to slow computer speed.


  • Repair modules fix problems and create a perfect optimized environment.
  • Easy to use with excellent tech support if you have any problems.
  • Works with any new or old desktop, notebook, ultrabook, tablet... any PC.


  • Not as robust as Wise Care 365 on the optimization side, and can only match the repair capabilities.
  • Does most of its' work when your computer has slowed from errors and problems - so it struggles to speed up already fast computers.


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

"This computer and network optimizer, can help you fix a slow computer back to the point where you will say, it seems much faster than when it was new. Because the speed optimizations change the default setting to the maximum performance settings that even your new PC didn't have set initially. ASC delivers extreme speed."

Advanced SystemCare UltimateAdvanced SystemCare was our speed optimizing King for quite awhile, but it can still deliver a very thorough optimization and fix for any troubled Windows' computer.

Whether you need more PC speed for playing games, doing some heavy duty computer work such as video editing, ASC can bring your PC into the proper performance level.

While our new speed leader, System Mechanic, has overtaken ASC lately, there's still much to like with ASC's remarkable Ultimate edition. It's still one of the best value optimizers currently available. Faster system speed, an accelerated Internet connection, and best of all, Advanced SystemCare will maintain your stability - because what would be the point of gaining all of that extra speed if your system crashed all of the time.


  • Easy to use, improves speed, repairs and the Ultimate version includes security.
  • New advanced versions are much improved over previous.
  • The continual optimization gains even more speed over time.


  • Been passed by lately with the new advanced version of System Mechanic.

Top Speed Up Optimizers Conclusion

Choosing a PC optimizer program can be a difficult choice. Only a select few of the many optimizers we tried, rose to the top of our lists.

We strongly believe an optimized system will speed up PC performance problem-free for the lifetime of your PC. That alone makes the few minutes to install a PC optimizer worth it. Especially considering you'll never have to re-install Windows again, or lose important data from crashes. But add on the super speed increases, rock-solid stability, and the continual optimization to thwart any future slowdown, and you have a must-have software solution for all PC owners.

System Mechanic (SM) is at the top of our PC optimization list. It's the most popular because most users want a full speed-up optimizer. And with perfect Windows compatibility, it's comforting to know the program is future proof because the SM developers have an excellent track record of promptly updating their software for any new Windows service packs and editions.

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