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How to Uninstall BoostSpeed From Your PC

Update: It seems BoostSpeed has now gone over to the dark side and has made it very difficult to uninstall. As a result, we have demoted BoostSpeed on our site. The former uninstall instructions may no longer remove BoostSpeed completely and there have been reports online of it re-installing itself.

Here are a few new options to uninstall BoostSpeed...

1) I feel the best bet is to try the free Norton tool that helps uninstall unwanted programs and malware.

Free Norton Power Eraser

2) Another more complicated option, may help you uninstall BoostSpeed from your system...

SaferNetworking Manual Removal Guide for PU.Auslogics.BoostSpeed

Take your time and follow the steps closely, or get a more experienced computer user to help you.

3) Another option is to try Windows' System Restore function to dial your PC back to a time before you installed BoostSpeed. However, if that was long ago, you may not have a Restore Point back that far.

4) The last resort option will require re-installing Windows. If you do this, YOU WILL NEED TO BACKUP ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL FILES AND DATA. Such things as your bookmarks, pictures, or any docs, saved games etc. you value and don't want to lose. This really is a last resort, as it takes quite a long time, plus you risk forgetting to backup something important to you. Also, you'll have to re-download and set up all of your currently installed programs all over again - a major hassle. Also drivers will need to be updated again - and Windows will do a major updating, sometimes for hours, after a re-install. Be careful and think it out before you even consider it.

Former Uninstall Procedure

Step 1

How to Find the BoostSpeed Uninstall

1.0 - Go to the Windows Start (bottom left of desktop) and click on Control Panel. If you can't find it, simply type Control Panel in the Windows Search box.

1.1 - Open the "Programs and Features" (Vista and 7) or the "Add or Remove Programs" (XP) and find the Auslogics BoostSpeed listing.

1.2 - After you click on Auslogics BoostSpeed to highlight it, simply click the Uninstall button to proceed.

Step 2

The BoostSpeed Uninstall Process

2.0 - After activating the Windows uninstall utility in the first step above, a box will appear asking if you want to completely remove BoostSpeed. Click Yes if you want to proceed with the uninstallation.

2.1 - The Auslogics BoostSpeed Uninstall box will appear and give you another chance to re-consider by asking you to fix any of the problems BoostSpeed found on its' latest scan. Just ignore it, if you want to continue uninstalling. Before continuing, consider if you want to also remove the Rescue Center backups. If you ever intend on re-installing BoostSpeed, you may want to keep the backups to help you return to a previous state. If not, check the box on the lower-left. Then simply click on the Next button at the bottom-right to advance.

2.2 - Next up, an Uninstall Survey box appears. You can simply ignore it and click on Skip at the bottom-right to continue. If you wish to leave feedback, fill it in now (your Email is optional) and click Send.

2.3 - The Uninstalling phase will begin and the BoostSpeed program will be completely removed from your PC in a few seconds. A final box will appear notifying you that BoostSpeed was successfully removed from your computer. To optimize your PC completely after any uninstall, we recommend the complete removal tips as outlined in the next step.

Step 3

Complete BoostSpeed Removal Tips

3.0 - BoostSpeed does have an excellent registry cleaning function to remove residual traces of uninstalled programs and fill in the gaps by defragging the registry. If you still want to fully optimize your PC, consider downloading one of the other top PC optimizers, which contain very similar safe and thorough registry cleaning functions. More on that in the optional step below.

3.1 - Also, after removing any program from your PC, it's always a good idea to run an advanced defragmentation to optimize the data layout and fill in the gaps on your disk drive for optimal performance. Unfortunately, the Windows defragmenter only does a basic job, yet it would still provide some performance advantage to run it after every install and uninstall. However, to get full defragmentation and optimize your PC after any uninstall, we recommend one of the excellent PC optimizers with advanced defrag utilities, as mentioned in our optional step below.


How to Choose a Safe and Effective PC Optimizer

If you want to safely and effectively optimize your PC, it's imperative to use an optimizer program with advanced defrag routines and thorough, yet safe, registry cleaning. All of the top recommended optimizers listed on our site have very trustworthy full refund guarantees and will uninstall completely from your computer - Which makes them super safe to test out their continual acceleration and stability enhancing effects on your PC.

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