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Uninstall PowerSuite - How to Remove PowerSuite Completely

You can easily uninstall PowerSuite safely and completely from your computer system. To appear on this web site, it's essential that a thorough and complete uninstall process need be included.

It should be noted, if you intend to uninstall Powersuite, you should consider using the program's Undo function to reverse all of the changes it made to your PC before proceeding. Why? Once it is uninstalled, the ability to undo any changes, if ever re-installed may be lost.

How to Remove Uniblue's PowerSuite™ Completely

Step 1

How to Find the PowerSuite Uninstall

The UniBlue PowerSuite Folder's Uninstall File

1.0a - Go to the Windows Start (bottom left of desktop) and under your Programs, find the Uniblue/Powersuite folder. If you can't find it, simply type Uninstall Powersuite in the Windows Search box.

1.1a - Simply click on the "Uninstall Powersuite" selection to proceed.

The Windows Uninstall Utility in Control Panel

1.0b- Go to the Windows Start (bottom left of desktop) and click on Control Panel. If you can't find it, simply type Control Panel in the Windows Search box.

1.1b - Open the "Programs and Features" (Vista and 7) or the "Add or Remove Programs" (XP) and find the Uniblue Powersuite listing.

1.2b - After you click on Uniblue Powersuite to highlight it, simply click the Uninstall button to proceed.

Step 2

The PowerSuite Uninstall Process

2.0 - After activating the Powersuite uninstall process in either of the options above, a box will appear asking... Are you sure you want to completely remove Powersuite and all of its components. Click Yes if you want to proceed with the uninstallation.

2.1 - Next, you'll be asked, "Would you also like to remove all Powersuite data and settings?" - Answer "Yes" if you want a complete uninstall of Powersuite, or "No" if you may install Powersuite in the future and want to keep your settings saved.

2.2 - The "Powersuite Uninstall" box will appear and the uninstallation will begin. After it completes, a message will display notifying you, "Powersuite was successfully removed from your computer." For an even more thorough and complete uninstall, see the section below.

Step 3

Complete PowerSuite Removal Tips

3.0 - After every uninstall of software, there will usually be traces leftover in your Windows registry. There may also be a gap created within the actual registry file. While Powersuite does have an excellent registry cleaning and defrag function to optimize your registry, you may want to consider downloading one of the other Top PC Optimizers, which contain very similar safe and thorough registry cleaning functions. See below for more.

3.1 - Also, after removing any program from your PC, it's always a good idea to run an advanced defragmentation to optimize the data layout and fill in the gaps on your disk drive for optimal performance. Unfortunately, the Windows defragmenter only does a basic job, yet it would still provide some performance advantage to run it after every install and uninstall. However, to get full defragmentation and optimize your PC after any uninstall, we recommend one of the excellent PC optimizers with advanced defrag utilities, as mentioned in our optional step below.


How to Choose a Safe and Effective PC Optimizer

If you want to safely and effectively optimize your PC, it's imperative to use an optimizer program with advanced defrag routines and thorough, yet safe, registry cleaning. All of the top recommended optimizers listed on our site have very trustworthy full refund guarantees and will safely uninstall from your computer - Which makes them super safe to test out their continual acceleration and stability enhancing effects on your PC.

Please see our choice for the best PC Optimizer. It's a state of the art solution that's sure to bring your PC and Internet speed to the max. Trying to find an optimizer for your PC can sometimes prove challenging. If PowerSuite has not worked out for you, please don't give up just yet. We have many other great optimizers to consider.

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