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Best Windows 10 Optimizer Software with Optimizations for Speed

The only Windows 10 optimizer that worked for us (below) was no surprise, since it previously boosted our Windows 7 and 8 computers with great success. Using the best Windows 10 optimizer software of 2018, find out how easy it is to automatically apply Windows 10 optimizations to your PC and your Internet.

Top Windows 10 Optimizers of 2018

Easy to use software includes all PC optimizations in a single click or automatically, if you so choose to set it up. These Windows optimization tools are easy to download and setup.

Here's the Windows 10 optimizer software downloads we are currently recommending after our latest round of monthly tests. They provide huge speed increases with 100% perfect stability for your desktop or laptop computer.

1. System Mechanic Pro

Windows 10 Optimizer SM ProEasily the best Windows 10 optimizer in all of our tests, System Mechanic Pro performs real-time Windows optimizations for the fastest PC and Internet speed possible.

Improves Windows startup speed, and even accelerates drive performance on both solid state and hard disk drives. Cleans and optimizes the Windows 10 registry or any other Windows edition your using. By streamlining the processes and system resources within Windows, it is able to create optimizing opportunities that many other programs can not accomplish.

Certainly the top choice for PC gaming, video editing, photo editing, online streaming, or any other resource intensive task you want to embark on. This Windows optimizer turns your laptop or desktop computer into a power system. Slow, fast, old, or new PCs will all benefit from being fully and automatically optimized.

Of all the Windows 10 optimization software solutions available (and there are far too many that do absolutely nothing) System Mechanic stands out as a true optimizer that delivers on its' performance promises. Even though we were skeptical of those very claims before our tests, after the positive speed, repair, and stability results we experienced, it gets our strongest recommendation. This is a real program created by developers with a true interest in helping its' customer base achieve what they want - speed without the loss of stability.

2. Wise Care 365 Pro

Windows 10 Scan and OptimizeOne of the best Windows 10 optimizers to clean the registry and solve errors.

It will also speed up your Windows laptop or desktop and will keep it at peak performance as time goes by.

If you're looking for speed optimizations, Wise Care delivers a generous speed increase, just not on the same level as System Mechanic Pro above.

Besides the excellent repair options, Wise Care 365 also increases Windows boot speed, and automatically cleans Windows 10 silently in the background. This Keeps your system finely tuned at all times. Definitely worth a look if you are experiencing Windows' problems and need an optimizer primarily for repair with a side order of speed.

3. WinOptimizer Pro

WinOptimizer Windows 10 OptimizationsAn automatic tuning optimizer to quickly and easily distribute Windows' optimizations for improved speed.

WinOptimizer has a game booster module to bolster frame rates and responsiveness while gaming on your Windows 10 computer. Of course, it also works on previous editions such as the still popular Windows 7.

Fully optimizes SSD and HDD performance with a unique super defragmenting approach. Also gives you additional speed gains through controlling services and system processes to reduce the load on your CPU while doing intensive computing tasks.

A great Windows optimization solution that comes up a little short of the more advanced System Mechanic above. However, if you want an very simple and easy to use solution, WinOptimizer may be a slightly simpler solution - just be aware you would be surrendering some speed, full repair capability, and the system stability that only our top Windows optimizer can deliver.

4. Glary Utilities Pro

Glary Utilities Windows 10 ToolsAn excellent Windows utility program that gives you a solid arrangement of Windows tweaks and optimizing tools.

There are over 20 selections to peruse as you decide on which area you should optimize next. It's kind of like the chocolate box with such a great array of choices, you just don't know where to start. Glary utilities is a seasoned tweaker's dream, but even so, there are better options out there.

What I did like though, was the information provided for each tweak with a clear explanation. While the results may not be as effective as others, one thing I did gain was knowledge. Unfortunately for me. I am the kind of guy who would rather read a 500 page manual than a novel, I'm sure novels are more interesting though, so this kind of info-centric program appeals to me. However, it's the final performance gains that count, and the other Windows 10 optimizers performed better and went further with advanced optimizations for speed - and that's really what matters.

5. PowerBooster Pro

PowerBooster Windows 10 UtilitiesIf you want simple, Powerbooster has a direct and easy approach by showcasing a large and obvious scan button at the beginning of the process. Simply press it and the full scale optimizations will begin.

Developed by AmigaBit, SpeedBooster can safely optimize any Windows computer. It also scans for errors and adjusts your Internet settings to improve online connectivity.

The Windows registry is one of the bottlenecks that develop as your PC ages. These defunct data entries cause Windows to take longer to seek out the information within the registry. PowerBooster optimizes the Windows registry to alleviate these slowdown problems.

There's nothing included that makes it float above the other choices, but you may want to consider it, if you are new to optimizing your Windows computer with software. The easy to click large scan button leaves zero chance of making any wrong moves, but really - All of these optimizers are easy to use and have safe undo mechanisms, so there's no real reason to fear using them.

Final Word

I use a web and graphics editor to write pages for various web sites. It had a tough time when I had multiple large images and web pages open at the same time. The Windows 10 optimizer program I used was the Pro version of System Mechanic and it completely fixed the slow sluggish performance I was experiencing.

Compared to finding registry hacks and other hidden hardware settings within Windows 10, it's just so much easier and safer to use a software utility built specifically for the job. If you make the jump to full Windows 10 optimization, or optimize any other older Windows edition, I hope it works out for you just as well. Have a great day.

Author: SpeedupNewSpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)
All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

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